Trump dodges debate questions like they are Income Taxes


First Trump-Biden meeting marked by constant interrutions by Trump

First published 29 September 2020, Washington Post

Washington, DC:

Donald Trump came to heckle. He came to interrupt and to pontificate and to flail his arms, batting away questions and facts in a chaotic fury. He was a boor and a troll, holding up his stubby mitts in an angry pantomime as he tried to halt the words coming from former vice president Joe Biden’s mouth.

Trump seemed to believe that with a single rude hand gesture, one that he regularly uses to assert his dominance, he could hold back the truth so he could be free to spin and hype and vent.

It was an exhausting mess that spun beyond moderator Chris Wallace’s control and outside the bounds of anything that could reasonably be called a debate. It was a 90-minute display of a president’s testosterone-fueled, unmanaged rage and insecurity.

Biden came to debate. Trump arrived seemingly hopped up on grievance and indignation, determined to just bellow his way through the evening without ever having to answer a question or speak with clarity and sincerity to the home audience…

He talked over both Biden and Wallace. He talked so much that it became impossible to even understand what he was talking about. He talked ceaselessly, and yet he said very little.

“Will you shut up, man!” Biden said in a moment of dismay and exasperation. It was a plea that surely channeled the desires of a significant percentage of the viewing audience.

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  1. It is my opinion, that the reason we see, “national security risk or threat” in a repetitive manner is, closely associated with timing of Conway announcing, and the inexorable decision by US military, and other branches, that despite being elected, the current president has qualified as a ‘threat to the US people” and therefore, is no longer in command. CIC and President are two positions, but cannot be presumed in an “every case” scenario.
    Lafayette Square, Portland Jack boots, and thwarting Covid mitigation, combine to put in place never before used protocol. A clear and consistent direct physical threat to the people and the constitution of a domestic nature. Thus military quietude. A good sign.

  2. Its clear trumps aggressive interrupter behavior was the result of a certain white powder supplied by his son.

  3. System functioning as designed.

    Was it “decapitated” when Trump’s hero the brutal dictator told SCOTUS “Let’s see you enFORCE the law & stop me”, then committed the #DeadliestUSTerrorEvent?

    SCOTUS can’t enFORCE law.
    Congress (save Davy Crockett) didn’t try, and the military was…


  4. When one of those “undecided” voters who says the debate swung them to Trump is explaining why…

    The reporters should…

    INTERRUPT THEM! Throw a #TrumperTantrum!

  5. Trump 2016:
    “It’s all about the TRADE DEFICIT😱!!!”

    Anoints him “Tough On Trade”.
    (Mum on his 35% #TrumpTAX tariff TAX.)

    2018: Worst Trade Deficit Ever.

    2019: Second Worst Ever.

    Trump & Media: 🦗🦗 (crickets).

    Joe Biden in 2020 Debate:
    “2018 was worst trade def-”

  6. Wow! Another journalistic masterpiece from VT! A barely literate paragraph followed by tweets from the sub 70 IQ crowd. Presented by tools, for tools. Eat it up boys. What exactly did you think Trump was gonna do last night?

    • If you actually watched the debate last night, you must understand that Trump is a desperate man. He’s desperate to remain in the presidency in order to stay out of prison for his many crimes. He’s frequently implied that he will not abide by the results of the November election. His Proud Boy (actually, Sturmabteilung) thugs are ready to mix it up with the so-called Antifa to disrupt the elections with more fake street theater. He told them last night to just “stand back and stand by”. WTF did he mean by that?

    • If after all we’ve seen and experienced, someone still pretends to defend the clown in any shape or form, even if it’s a corrupt contractor benefiting from his rape of the system or a cult member, he or she loses the right to call others sub 70 IQ or tools. Your intelligence is set officially at below par, GFY.

    • I can’t see how Biden will agree to another debate. Trump absolutely will not follow rules. I expect that he’ll start throwing his shoes at Biden and storming off the stage the next time they meet up.

  7. Trump is a desperate man, struggling to stay in the presidency and out of prison. He will do or say anything at this point… Heaven help us all.

    • I agree Tom. Trevor Noah said in jest (but has a kernel of truth) that trump needs to be reelected in order to keep the secret service to protect him from his creditors

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