JEA: The American Israel Public Affairs (AIPAC) has always been a fifth column in the United States. In 2005, Steve J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, who served for twenty-three years as top officials for AIPAC, were accused of spying for Israel. As the trial was nearing, both the Israel Lobby and the defense team “described the proceedings as a frame-up, the result of an intra-bureaucratic struggle within the government, and a plot by anti-Semites in Bush’s Justice Department to carry out a Washington pogrom.”[1]

Neither man was convicted, thanks again to their Jewish friends: “While most of the more cautious elements in the Jewish community are staying well away from this case, the radicals, such as Rabbi Avi Weiss and his AMCHACoalition for Jewish Concerns, who have previously devoted their efforts to freeing Jonathan Pollard, have now turned their attention to Rosen and Weissman.”[2]

Neoconservative Daniel Pipes declared that “we worried about the ramifications for us [meaning Jews] if [Rosen] were found guilty.”[3] He ends the article by congratulating both Rosen and Weissman. Pulitzer winner Dorothy Rabinowitz also praised them, characterizing their actions as “activities that go on every day in Washington, and that are clearly protected under the First Amendment.”[4]

The implication seems to be that spying for Israel are protected by the First Amendment. In fact, “several prominent neocons have been investigated on credible charges of spying for Israel: Perle, Wolfowitz, Stephen Bryen, Douglas Feith, and Michael Ledeen.”

“In 1970 Perle was recorded by the FBI discussing classified information with the Israeli embassy. In 1981 he was on the payroll of an Israeli defense contractor shortly before being appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy…During his tenure in the Reagan administration, Perle recommended purchase of an artillery shell made by Soltan, an Israeli munitions manufacturer…At the present time, Perle is on the board of directors of Onset Technology, a technology company founded by Israelis Gadi Mazor and Ron Maor with research companies and investment funds. He was also a close personal friend of Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.”

Similarly, “Feith has been suspected of spying for Israel. In 1972 Feith was fired from a position with the National Security Council because of an investigation into whether he had provided documents to the Israeli embassy. Nevertheless, Perle, who was Assistant Secretary for International Security Policy, hired him as his ‘special counsel,’ and then as his deputy. Feith worked for Perle until 1986 when he left government service to form a law firm, Feith and Zell, which was originally based in Israel and best known for obtaining a pardon for the notorious Marc Rich during the final days of the Clinton administration.”

What we are seeing here is Israeli privilege. No nation on earth can get that privilege. The Israelis have been pushing US politicians to release Pollard for a long time, and now Israeli spy gets to enjoy his privilege in Israel, thanks to the Trump administration. As soon as Pollard landed in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu greeted him and said, “You’re home.”[5]

In the old days, Pollard would have probably been hanged.

…by Philip Giraldi

Those Americans who dare to challenge the strangle-hold that Israel and its friends have over US foreign policy will likely find themselves targeted even more aggressively this year. Two weeks ago the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), widely reckoned to be the largest and most powerful component of the Jewish state’s lobby, declared that it will now begin directly funding political candidates who are perceived as pro-Israel.

Up until now, AIPAC has preferred to operate somewhat in the shadows, representing itself as a organization that is in part “educational” to justify its 501(c)3 tax exempt status which it uses to send all new congressmen on propaganda trips to Israel.

Of course, that has always been a bit of a fiction enabled by a Justice Department that is inclined to ignore all Israeli misbehavior. There are a number of reasons why AIPAC should be regarded for what it is, i.e. an organization that has as a priority the promotion of Israeli interests without any concern for the damage being done to the United States and its institutions. Under US law, specifically the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1937, AIPAC should be compelled to forfeit its special tax status and register, which would permit the government to have full access to its finances and also require a record of its frequent meetings with the Israeli Embassy in Washington as well as with senior Israeli officials in Israel.

It would also have to report its significant and unparalleled lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. AIPAC would deny that it is actually directed or possibly funded in part by the Israeli government, but its website somewhat puts the lie to that conceit where it describes itself as “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby” before elaborating how “We are proud to be a diverse movement of passionate pro-Israel Americans.”

The other lie promoted by AIPAC is that, up until now, it has not funded the political campaigns of its many friends both in Congress and in state and local governments. The reality is that AIPAC and some of its associated groups have aggressively vetted candidates for office at all levels. During its annual summit in Washington, politicians in attendance have routinely held fundraisers at hotels and restaurants not at the AIPAC event but often at hotels within walking distance.

It is known that AIPAC publishes for-internal-use-only a candidates’ “scoring card” prior to elections reflective of views on Israel. As AIPAC is itself funded by Jewish billionaires and is in regular contact with them, the exchange of information on who is a “friend” and deserving of campaign money would be easily accomplished without having to use AIPAC as a conduit.

The new structure will consist of a regular political action committee (PAC) able to contribute $5,000 maximum donations to identified candidates per race, and a super PAC, which can raise unlimited money for an individual candidate. AIPAC PAC will be the name of the regular PAC, while the super PAC has not yet received a label.

AIPAC spokesman Marshall Wittman sent out an email explaining the changes. In perhaps one of the most chilling statements that I have read recently, Wittman asserts that “The creation of a PAC and a super PAC is an opportunity to significantly deepen and strengthen the involvement of the pro-Israel community in politics.”

Given Israel’s current dominance of Congress, the White House and the mainstream media one fears what might come next if stronger “involvement of the pro-Israel community in politics” becomes a reality. Jews constitute less than 2% of the US population and they already are hugely overrepresented in elite professions and politics while at the same time reserving to themselves perpetual victimhood to justify the preferential anti-democratic policies that they actually promote.

Will Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden’s cabinet be required by law to be 100% Jewish? Will Congress require a Jewish majority? Will the government be setting up gulags somewhere out west for people like me who oppose such dominance and the “Israel Project”? Where does this ever end to satisfy the Jewish lobby?

One might well ask why AIPAC is changing its platform to make itself even more accessible since it would seem that the shift to PACs does not much change what happens behind closed doors when politicians come begging for money. The answer may lie in the perception by Jewish groups and the Israeli government that Zionism is in trouble due to the accumulation of egregious human rights violations and war crime attacks on neighbors. The world view of Israel is increasingly negative. So the response is to open the door a bit to visibly dangle more money, which the Israeli Lobby has plenty of, to take on critics.

Israel and its friends are particularly concerned over the handful of progressives in Congress who have expressed reservations about the blind approval of Israeli crimes against humanity. The PACs will enable a more robust response by providing readily available money to run pro-Israel candidates against them to bring about their removal from Congress.

The Zionists also worry about the growing support for the nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), which seeks to put the same kind of economic pressure on Israel that once brought about change in South Africa. Already Israel advocacy groups at the state level have succeeded in passing legislation in 27 states that in one way or another punishes anyone one who supports “boycotting” Israel.

AIPAC would like that number to become 50 and it is also pushing hard on Congress for “hate legislation” that creates harsh criminal and civil penalties for anyone who questions the holocaust or criticizes Israel, which will be defined by the legislation as anti-Semitic acts.

Hand in hand with the moves at the state level, Jewish groups are rewriting text books to include more on the so-called holocaust, to sometimes include mandatory holocaust instruction at grade school and high school levels.

In one bizarre incident in Washington DC, students were made to reenact “scenes” from the holocaust including mass executions and burials. One student was made to portray Adolph Hitler and instructed to include a simulated suicide at the end of the exercise.

This overreach all comes packaged together with alarming reports, put out inevitably by Jewish groups, regarding a surge in what it chooses to label as anti-Semitic crimes. Such “crimes” include numerous no-victim incidents like scrawled graffiti on walls or display of posters defending the Palestinians.

The Anti-Defamation-League (ADL), which leads the pack in its constant cries of anti-Semitism, hypocritically claims blandly that it is working to “Combat Extremism and Hate.” That definition apparently does not include the treatment of the Palestinians at the hands of its co-religionists in Israel.

Indeed, the tendency of the Israel Lobby to overreach because it has become so arrogant due to its power is perhaps the key to bringing it down. A recent exchange in Florida demonstrates how the ADL, sensitive to any possible slight, actually reacted harshly to someone who was actually on its side.

Five weeks ago, rabidly pro-Israeli Governor Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw tweeted a sarcastic comment stating that there was “no weird conspiracy theory stuff here” about press reports regarding the Republic of Georgia’s Prime Minister meeting with Rothschild & Co about investment opportunities. The ADL Florida Regional Director Sarah Emmons took offense and responded with the following:

“The belief that the Rothschilds manipulate currency and influence global events for personal enrichment and world domination is a staple of antisemitic conspiracy theorists. It’s deeply disturbing to see these kinds of conspiracies promoted by a member of Governor Ron DeSantis’ staff.

Conspiracy theories, especially those with antisemitic origins, don’t belong in Florida’s highest office — or anywhere in the Sunshine State. We’ll be reaching out to the governor’s office to voice our concerns and discuss the issue.”

Jews and banking in the same sentence? Must be an anti-Semitic trope, as the expression goes. What if Pushaw had actually been bold enough to say something more to the point, like “Israel is trying to drag us into an unnecessary war with Iran”?

In any event, the Zionists are preparing their offensive and we of the Israel-as-ally-agnostic community will find the upcoming year to be even more trying as the Jewish state and its friends tighten the screws to eliminate and even criminalize all criticism. Be prepared!

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

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  1. It’s absolutely unacceptable for a country like US to sit back and take what is dished out to it by the Zionists. US therefore is responsible for allowing this to happen and unfortunately it is being hated for it, but that’s the reaction you get to this action / inaction.

  2. Like the late Congressman from Ohio, James Traficant said; “The US Congress is a BROTHEL!’ He was right on the MONEY! All our Senators, Representatives are Prostitutes! Not one of them is a real PATRIOT! They serve the ‘Highest Bidder’! ‘AIPAC” and dozens of other Zionist-Jewish organizations, the Enemies Within! America is the PLANTATION of the Zionist Apartheid Talmudic-Supremacist TERROR State of Israel! The Blood & Treasure of the American People, our Military Personnel, are the ‘Sacrificial Lambs’, on the Barbaric-Bloody Altar of Zionism, on the World Stage, for many decades now! Remember the “USS LIBERTY”? Remember ‘9/11/2001? ‘Controlled Demolition’ of the WTC. Towers #1,#2 #7 and the MURDER of 2977 innocent Collateral Victims? Only TRUTH will set US Free!

  3. There are two ways to prevent this:
    1. Don’t vote for any politician that takes BRIBES from AIPAC.
    2. Do away with Dual US-Israeli “Citizenships”
    They have to choose one or the other.
    That way we know if they are a foreign agent.

    • Tommy-
      You are the last person I want to get into an argument with
      because you are too smart, and I am on your side.
      But you have to admit that 13 million is quite a quibble!
      And my comments to you have been about the huge decline
      in evangelical voters.
      “PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute), released the details of a major census of religion in the US on July 8th. There is a great deal of detail contained within it. This is perhaps to be expected because it has been based upon interviews conducted with more than 500,000 respondents between 2013 and 2020. Here I’m going to focus down upon one demographic – the evangelicals.

      Key Highlight – Steep Evangelical Decline
      As recently as 2006, white evangelicals were 20% of the US population. This new poll reveals that they have dropped by an astonishing amount and are down to just 11% in 2020.
      In just 5 years almost 10% of the entire US population, that’s roughly 33 million evangelicals, have today walked away from that specific religious brand.”
      Source PRI Research 2021

      What I am saying is that I don’t know if they have “walked” away
      from supporting Israel or have they simply died off?

    • The quibble is about 80% of 50 million which is 40 million and the 37 million that Pew Research says voted for Trump in 2020. This is all about what you consider to be “white” evangelicals. Lutherans call themselves evangelicals, too, but they are in no way Christian Zionists who see the European Ashkenazim as being the rightful heirs to all of Palestine like Pastor John Hagee and his ilk. Yes, these folks are dying off from COVID-19 at a faster rate than Democrats, but remember that they pray for WWIII to happen soon so they can all be raptured up to Heaven while the rest of us are turned into cinder cakes.

    • Sarge and Tommy, remember the issues you’re talking about, like most all issues, are in Almighty God’s domain.
      And NOTHING happens which isn’t part of God’s overall plan.
      So no matter how it all unfolds, there’s no need in trying to second guess God.
      One thing for sure, only God knows what’s going to happen, and when, why and how it’s going to happen.

    • Hasbara “Hellio”
      Hasbara worships Beelzebub, the great pretender.
      Because that’s what Hasbara Cyber Terrorists are, the great pretenders.
      Hasbara is synonymous with Liar.

  4. Hate to break it to you, Mr. Giraldi, but the most influential advocacy group for Israel in the USA is not AIPAC. It’s the 50 million US Christian Zionists, 80% of whom voted for Trump in 2020. It was for them that Trump killed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran. It was for them that he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. It was for them that he murdered Iranian General Soleimani.

    Now they hope for a transformative, apocalyptic, and most likely nuclear conflict with Russia that would be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of their Dominionist wet-dream. They have their rapture suits all dusted off and ready to go. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

    • Tommy-
      Where do you keep coming up with this “50 million People Control America”?
      I respect you of course but all my research puts that number at about 24 million white republican evangicals.
      I have pointed this out to you several times.
      The average age of a republican voter is 77 years old!
      If you think of the bell curve, that is a whole lotta unvaccinated, unhealthy people between 80 around 90.
      John Hagee is 83 years old, and if you’ve seen a video of him lately.
      he is in a wheelchair and doesn’t look so good.



    • You can quibble about the numbers, Sarge, but according to Pew Research 37 million white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2020. They comprise the largest single block of Trump supporters out there. When it comes to Israel, ReTrumplicans bend to their every whim. I have pointed this out to you numerous times.

  5. Of the 225 women paid by the Epstein compensation fund, how many are Jewish? NONE

    Of the hundreds if not thousands of men they were extorting or compromised, how many are Jewish….NONE

    Do you see a pattern here?

  6. Israelis will fight Iran to the last US soldier and the US soldier is enjoying taking it up the you know what under the pretext of preserving the Judeo-Chritian beliefs.

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