The daily and bestial terror, Mass Murder of Russians Living in Ukraine hushed up by the West (author murdered)


WARNING:  Extremely Graphic Images Below

By Michael Mannheimer (dead of poisoning for writing this article)

Introduction by Detlef Reimers for VT Deutschland 

No one is safe, nowhere in the world, if he or she has the guts to stand against the real power by doing truthful investigative work, writing it down and publishing it.

One of these characters in the German blogger scene was the formerly professional journalist Michael Mannheimer. Early on, he left Germany, because he already had experienced their harsh methods of bullying.

It is said (unclear till today) that he settled down in Hungary first and started his famous and feared blog “”.

He had an exceptionally well-informed and active audience there. Most of them helped him by adding to his content in the comment section. Sometimes those comments were larger than the original article. All participants of his blog could learn a lot about real politics, real history – as far as it can be unmangled and untwisted today – and always

Michael Mannheimer’s articles were to the point of the matter, no simplistic and childish thought, but often rather complicated and interwoven stories about the real world which is out there.

On the 10th of March 2022, Michael Mannheimer suddenly passed away. It is published that he died in Taiwan and no further information about the circumstances are given anywhere, only “heart attack”.

To his last day, he surely was one of the most engaged and hardworking journalists. I know this from my own experience, because I once wrote for him a long article about the systematic and long time destruction of the educational system in Germany.) He continued on his path of real investigative and true journalism. Not everyone liked him because he was an outspoken person, no need to mince his words.

I know no one of his format and profession, who in his long career has spoken out so clearly and fearlessly about one of the greatest mind frauds in our time, the fraud of “Antisemitism” and of all the frauds, following up this greatest mind control achievements of all time, done by the most professional receptionists of all time “the worldwide Jewish Mafia”. He earned many death threats for this, but their reaction spurred him on instead of stoping writing the truth, which we all need before any real development in main subjects of life can be manifested for the benefit of the ordinary people.

“They” are so bold to even suppress the Obituary on his still existing blog site. These are the creatures we are up to.

I write this as a reminder and as an encouragement to others to follow in the footsteps of this brave man and journalist.

In the following article, you will see how much we are being betrayed by politicians and the media when it comes to Ukraine, in a way that is hard to believe

Because of my bad health, I forego my usual analyses in the following article, which I regularly include in my forewords to the articles. Unfortunately, I don’t have the strength to do that at the moment.

The images that you will see in this article about the unimaginable atrocities committed by a part of the Ukrainian population toward Russian civilians in Ukraine speak their own language. Please keep this item out of the reach of children.

In Ukraine, hatred is being fomented between sections of the population – particularly by the USA and its western vassals, headed by the unspeakable government of the FRG (not to be confused with Germany). Russian-speaking people of Russian descent are often persecuted and mistreated, nobody dares to intervene:


According to the official census of 2001, 77.8% of Ukrainians, 17.3% Russians, and over 100 other ethnic groups live in Ukraine. Newer data could not find. Russians mostly live in cities in Ukraine. In rural areas, only 6.9% of the population is Russian, while Ukrainians make up 87.0%. Национальный состав населения, гражданство. ( Memento of 12 May 2013 on WebCite ) :

Ethnic population distribution in Ukraine

Ukraine is a Nazi state. The media and politicians largely ignore this topic:

If you didn’t see it with your own eyes – hardly anyone would believe that Ukraine is the country with the most Nazis. And that this is not only tolerated by the Ukrainian government but encouraged. Now the video is already 8 years old – but in principle, this fact has not changed. It is downright unbearable that the world’s leading country, which has made the so-called “fight against right-wing” a state religion – the Federal Republic of Germany – is one of the leading arms importers for Ukraine, knowing full well which fascist government they are dealing with in Kyiv have to do.

The Americans also allegedly have no problem with a government led by Nazis, just as they had no problem after the Second World War, with the Paper Clip campaign, the best scientists and engineers in Germany (and at that time they were by far the best engineers in the world ) to the United States, give them American citizenship there and put them in charge of building rockets and ultimately the atomic bomb project in Manhattan. Anyone who says that there is no morality in politics hits the nail on the head. But there is also a bit of morality in politics. Hungarian President Viktor Orban has banned all arms deliveries to Ukraine via his country.

Watch the following four-minute video clip and you will see that my statement that the Ukrainians are a neo-fascist and neo-Nazi narcissistic start is not an opinion made up out of thin air:

Video duration: 4:08 minutes, 11/06/2014,


Ukraine: State Nazism, persecution and murder of Russian speakers

The translated compilation of what happened and documented is by Veroníka Naidenova. She sheds light on conflicting propaganda from 2014 to 2022. It is easier to identify people by their actions than by the lies they tell. (Source)

A compilation of events in Ukraine that are completely ignored by our media:

  • The Ukrainian army has been bombing cities in VRD (Donetsk People’s Republic ) and VRL (Luhansk People’s Republic ) for eight years, killing the civilian population.
  • In 2014-2021 Ukrainian military killed more than 150 children in VRD (Donetsk People’s Republic ) and VRL and wounded more.
  • Russian-speaking people were deliberately burned in the “Trade Union House” (Odessa 05/02/2014). There is no investigation into the atrocity.
  • Ukrainian military units and volunteers torture, kidnap and rape on the territory of VRD and VRL.
  • In Ukraine, they are beaten for the Russian language.
  • Dismissal because of the Russian language, denial of jobs.
  • Ukrainian authorities legitimize persecution.
  • The Ukrainian authorities consider residents of VRD and VRL to be “scum”.
  • Fascist organizations officially exist in Ukraine.
  • Nazism in Ukraine is supported at the state level.
  • Ukraine was prepared for a military attack on Russia, including the possibility of a nuclear strike.
  • Ukraine had the ability and desire to build its own nuclear weapons and use them against Russia.
  • Foreign countries are pumping weapons into Ukraine, including for offensive operations, not for national defense. Lethal weapons have been supplied to Ukraine since 2016.
  • Ukrainians are being manipulated into hating Russia. The West needs them for political, economic, cultural, and military (NATO) advances on our borders and weakens the state.
  • Ukrainian politicians are officially inciting hatred of Russia and driving Ukrainians toward war. They are trying to draw the world community into the conflict.
  • Ukrainian journalists and public figures are aggressively inciting Ukrainians against Russians.
  • Ukraine, with direct US support and funding, is waging an active information war against Donbass and Russia. As of December 2019, a network of Information Psychological Operations Centers (IPOSOs) will be established in Ukraine.
  • Western politicians are deliberately developing Nazi movements in Ukraine to incite hatred against Russians and create a direct military threat. While the West condemns Russia, it not only ignores fascism in Ukraine, it even supports it financially in order to fuel hatred against Russians.
  • Foreign politicians and the military openly contact Ukrainian Nazis, supporting them with weapons and training: “Mirotvorets”.
  • The West openly funds NGOs in Ukraine to fuel hatred of the Russians.
  • Nazism in Ukraine arouses fear among Western-minded people.
  • In contrast to the Ukrainian chauvinists, the Russian army is currently working on military objects of resistance to protect civilians.
  • The advance of the Russian troops is peaceful, in contrast to the actions of the Luftwaffe in the VRD and VRL. There are no real reports of negative actions by the Russian armed forces. The Ukrainian military is capitulating en masse as it does not share the leadership’s Nazi ambitions.
  • Lack of consensus in Ukrainian society about those responsible for the current situation
  • Fakes about the actions of the Russian military are deliberately spread on the Internet.
  • Ukrainian elite flees the country.
  • Stepan Bandera was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Polish authorities for the murders and has not been rehabilitated to date (ie he is considered a criminal).
  • During the German occupation, Stepan Bandera and his followers, who collaborated with Nazi Germany, terrorized the population. Poles and Jews, in particular, were killed.
  • After the war, Stepan Bandera lived in Munich and worked with British special services.
  • For the Poles, Stepan Bandera is a symbol of the oppression and destruction of their people, but this does not prevent the West from not noticing the sympathy of the Ukrainian authorities for him.
  • The Ukrainian authorities and Volodymyr Zelenskyy personally glorify the Nazi Bandera. They erect monuments to him. They allow parades in his honor, with participants calling for the killing of Russians.

Moscow is now to be punished because it wants to end the killings in eastern Ukraine

If the West had the same goal, it should have taken a similar initiative years ago. Our politicians know that too – apart perhaps from our overqualified foreign minister – and they must now recognize that Russia is not only showing them off in this respect.

“The Minsk Agreement has languished for seven years without getting any closer to its lofty goals. Now, with its recognition of the Donbass republics, Russia has brought movement to the conflict that has been going on for eight years. Moscow wants to pacify the conflict.

But the West, which created this conflict in the first place, has no interest in bringing the eternal thorn to a good end. Why else has no one urged Kyiv to finally comply with the Minsk agreement? Russia is not a party in this process, so it has no role to play, just a mediator, just like Germany and France. Now, however, Russia has taken the side of the battered civilians in eastern Ukraine. Putin has put a stop to the ongoing shelling by the Ukrainian army, which is contrary to the Minsk accords.

Moscow is now to be punished because it wants to end the killings in eastern Ukraine. If the West had the same goal, it should have taken a similar initiative years ago. Our politicians know that too – apart perhaps from our overqualified foreign minister – and they must now realize that Russia is not only showing them off in this respect.”

February 24, 2022 | Peter Haisenko: Stop Nord Stream 2? Ridiculous symbol politics!



Warning: horrible photos. Not for the faint of heart and especially not for children

Danger! What you will see in the following document is not suitable for everyone, especially children. They are images of mutilated people, and victims of attacks by regular Ukrainian troops against residents of VRD and VFR. These are precisely the parts against which the Russian attack is aimed, with the aim of protecting the Russian people living there from further atrocities. The Ukrainian army has been bombing cities in the VRD and VRL for eight years, killing the civilian population.

  • From 2014-to 2021, the Ukrainian military killed more than 150 children in VRD and VRL (above dark red districts) and wounded more
  • Russian-speaking people were deliberately burned in the “Trade Union House” (Odessa 05/02/2014).
  • There is no investigation into the atrocity

All photos of these atrocities, which you will see in the episode, can also be found in the following PDF file.


The Ukrainians is a deliberate trap set by NATO, especially the US, to totally weaken and ostracize Russia

Not a single ugly mass media and not a single politician has even begun to respond to this horrible persecution of Ukrainian citizens with Russian roots. Putin is considered the sole culprit because he allegedly attacked a peaceful country like Ukraine without provocation. The parallels to the Second World War, where almost the same thing happened in what was then Poland with the Germans living there, are striking.

In the years leading up to the start of World War II, the Polish government openly drove its residents to the spot, arson, rape, and horrific upsets. Tens of thousands of Germans were massacred, raped, and brutally murdered by the Polish population. Although at that time Hitler turned to the League of Nations for help more than 20 times in order to stop this massacre of the Germans, the League of Nations never dealt with these petitions due to the massive influence of the then world power England.

On the contrary, historians have found unequivocal evidence that Churchill encouraged the Polish government to continue massacres of the Germans living there. He wanted to smash Germany and he wanted Germany to start this war. This is, what I wrote as a Polish trap in several of my articles. Germany must be destroyed, no matter what the cost. The reason was that Germany in 1903 39 already had a stronger economic power than the world power England. And England has always chosen that country as its enemy that could become too dangerous for it in terms of economy and armaments.


“It was not Hitler’s political teachings that threw us into the war. The reason for this was the success of his growth in building a new economy. The roots of the war were envy, greed and fear.” (Major General JFC Fuller, historian, England),(cf. “The Second World War”, Vienna 1950)

Anyone who sees no parallels here is either blind, historically ignorant or has a maximum double-digit IQ. Poland is the trap of NATO and above all the USA, who want to associate Russia’s reputation with National Socialism and isolate Russia internationally.

In the following PDF file, from which I extracted the images, you will find more cruel images of the Ukraine regime against Russians with Ukrainian citizenship living in Ukraine.

Naidenova_Ent-Nazi-Fikation-der-Ukraine.pdf, 52 pages, scroll down with the mouse or the slider on the right



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  1. The Enemies of Mankind the ‘Zionist ‘Chosen People’ Overlords’ of the Zio-Rothschild Financial Crime Syndicate One World Order CLAN, are celebrating again! They had Muslims murdering Muslims- IRAN x IRAQ! Christians murdering Muslims- after ‘9/11’ fake Intelligence reports, the US, and NATO Allies x Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria! Now they have succeeded so Christians murdering Christians! What Demonic Undertakers they are?

  2. @Nickolay
    “there is no morality in politics….”
    Existentially that is true in most cases, but essentially politics ought to be the objective moral order, specifically the virtue of justice, applied to the society.
    “And religion has primarily nothing to do either with morals or superstition; it is a state of mind, usually confused with worshipping.”
    There is false religion, just like there is false philosophy, but there is – brace yourself! – such a thing as true religion, based on God’s revelation, and a moral code, most of which can be known by unaided reason, but also revealed by God. Beginning with the perplexing and tragic human condition, the great Oxford scholar John Henry Newman (1801-1890) in his famous autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita Sua explains very well (and in very elegant prose) what is the most rational solution to the riddle of human existence, of physical and moral evil, and why it makes sense that there would be some means provided by God for having certainty about the most important things, including the moral and social order.
    Chapter 8: “General Answer to Mr Kingsley”:

    Much more could be said, and further enlightenment can be found online in the works of Fr. Denis Fahey, who unlike the apostate priests, bishops, and antipopes of the counterfeit NWO-serving Vatican II “counterfeit church of darkness” (Cf. the mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich), he reveals the true enemies of God and of the human race.

  3. Russians are not good at faking. Besides, these crimes have even been confirmed in Western Media that the Ukrainians of Russian origin have suffered in their own area. As for the Palestinians in Gaza, even the American Secretay of State of Jewish descent had to fly to Tel Abib and tell the Gang Master ” enough is enough “. He still had to pay 500 million cash and more in the promise to bring to stop these scenes from multiplying.

  4. “Anyone who says that there is no morality in politics hits the nail on the head.”
    Bui politics is function from religion. And religion has primarily nohing to do either with morals or superstition; it is a state of mind, usually confused with worshipping.

  5. Top-Left photo: girl looking up to the camera, head sustain well over the ground.
    Top-Right photo (L): purple manikin is broken in the middle with legs stretched diagonally in the vertical.
    Top-Right photo (R): posture is plausible, yet head is too close to the bar.
    Middle photo: woman’s center-of-gravity is beyond the table, yet doesn’t fall down.
    ALL the children photos look like utter forgery.
    Exactly the same crap like the Ukrainian and Gazan “photos”.
    Please focus on death-certificates.

  6. Congratulations on exposing UK’s & Poland’s guilt in creating WW2. USA President Roosevelt was fully complicit too.
    Regarding current situation in Ukraine, Tsar Putin contrbuted to the problems by worshiping Stalin whom Ukrainians were & are correct to hate & oppose.
    In a way, Stalin was better than Putin in that at least Stalin forbade abortion of babies, while Putin & Orthodox church seem to love it; And by doing so, along with worshiping homosexuals, Putin & Orthodox Church are earning Divine curses.

    • One thing is the law allow to one woman choose freely if she want abort and other much different the government let be permitted encourage it and promote this in all possible ways.

  7. From the statistics cited above over two-thirds of the Jewish population of Ukraine (466,000) left between 1989 and 2001 with the vast majority going to the US while the rest went to Israel.

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