Dear Mr Jack,

Have I missed something, or is our Government investing £billions of our money in a belligerent campaign against the world’s largest country — and in the process putting us all in harm’s way — without even a vote in Parliament?

Yes, the House of Commons “considered the situation in Ukraine” back in March when MPs were hot under the collar from the half-truths and one-sided reports they were fed. On that occasion the minister, James Cleverly, called Russia’s intervention an unprovoked attack and told the House: “We will continue to provide lethal military aid to Ukraine.” Is he aware that Ukraine is a world-leading hotbed for arms smuggling and the weapons the West supplies may well end up in the wrong hands?

And now that our sanctions against Russia have spectacularly backfired, what is Parliament’s present mood?

The recently announced extra £1.3bn in military support to Ukraine comes on top of the UK’s existing £1.5bn to Zelensky’s forces, and we’re even training his troops here in the UK. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “The situation in Ukraine continues to cause immense suffering with every day bringing new, tragic stories of Putin’s brutality….. The UK is at the forefront providing economic, humanitarian and defensive support to Ukraine and we are working tirelessly to bring an end to this conflict.”

Are we really? I certainly hope so because it’s causing immense suffering here too…. or will do come the winter. But I’ve heard nothing about the UK promoting peace initiatives. It’s all war talk and by delivering arms to a country at war we expose ourselves as a belligerent. The Russian strikes against the Mykolayev airbase on 13 March were launched after warnings that arms shipments would be treated as hostile targets.

What is the background, truthfully?

The British public are no experts on Russian affairs. Neither, it seems, are most British politicians. At least we should be told the back-story as impartially as possible. But no, nothing has been explained in a manner we can all understand.

As I see it, in 2014 the US was instrumental in the coup which overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian government and led to civil war in eastern Ukraine. That’s when a new government, following the American-sponsored overthrow of President Yanukovych, abolished Russian as an official language in Ukraine. This infuriated the Russian-speaking population and sparked clashes between pro-Russian protesters and Ukrainian government forces, leading to the Russian-speaking regions (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lugansk and Donetsk) being brutally oppressed and militarised, with a number of massacres particularly in Odessa and Mariupol.

The two self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (i.e. the Donbass) wanted autonomy guaranteeing Russian as an official language. The Minsk 1 (September 2014) and Minsk 2 (February 2015) agreements weren’t about separation or independence but autonomy within the Ukraine framework, with actual status negotiated with Kiev. Russia urged the implementation of Minsk while declining to get involved in the negotiations, but the West tried to replace the Minsk Agreements with their so-called Normandy Format which put Russians and Ukrainians face-to-face.

Since then there’s been a civil war with huge loss of life. To compensate for heavy losses, the Ukrainian government resorted to recruiting foreign militias. Prof John Mearsheimer claims that “the [NATO] Alliance began training the Ukrainian military in 2014, averaging 10,000 trained troops annually over the next eight years”. By 2020 these accounted for about 40 percent of the Ukrainian forces and numbered around 102,000 from many nationalities, according to Reuters. And they were armed, financed and trained by the United States, UK, Canada and France. These militias had been operating in the Donbass since 2014, with Western support.

And now the US and NATO countries are pouring $tens of billions worth of weapons into Ukraine and providing additional support in intelligence and military advice to counter the Russia’s intervention and ensure the slaughter continues. Back in November 2020 General Secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, was telling the 66th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly: “We have increased our presence in the Black Sea region. We’re working with Ukraine, we’re working with Georgia…. We have increased our cooperation with our two valued partners, Ukraine, and Georgia.” He even told the European Parliament to “stop complaining and step up and provide support to Ukraine”.

So Ukraine was already fully onboard with NATO and posing a threat to Russia.

On 16 February this year the Ukrainians began shelling civilians in Donbass. Vladimir Putin could have invoked the international obligation of ‘Responsibility To Protect’ but hesitated. On 21 February he agreed to a request by the Duma to recognise the ‘independence’ of the two Donbass Republics and signed friendship, co-operation and assistance treaties with them. The Ukrainian bombardment of Donbass continued and on 23 February the Republics asked Russia for military help. On 24 February, Putin invoked Article 51 of the UN Charter which allows mutual military assistance in the framework of a defensive alliance.

Many people viewed all this as NATO deliberately provoking Russia to invade (though ‘intervene’ might be a better word) and so create the ‘proxy’ confrontation the US, in particular, was keen to bring about.

Do please tell me if this somewhat simplistic background is hopelessly wrong.

Promise not to expand NATO eastwards broken

After the collapse of the Soviet Union there seemed little point in NATO as a military alliance yet, under virtual US control and pursuing US military aims, it continued encroaching eastwards despite pledging not to, causing Russia obvious concern.

Code Pink in their recent petition to US President Biden summed it up nicely: “NATO has played a major role in exacerbating this conflict, facilitating a 2014 coup to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Ukraine and breaking promises not to expand NATO into Eastern Europe, where offensive missiles in Romania and Poland could reach Russia in minutes.

“We reject the imposition of massive sanctions that are harming the Russian people who, like us, want peace and security. Blanket sanctions on the entire Russian economy are spreading economic and environmental hardship to Europe and the global community with energy price hikes that may reduce energy consumption in the short term but prompt more oil drilling and lethal burning of fossil fuels in the long term.”

And as Noam Chomsky puts it: “What is the best thing to do to save Ukraine from a grim fate, from further destruction?….. There are two ways for a war to end: One way is for one side or the other to be basically destroyed. And the Russians are not going to be destroyed. So that means one way is for Ukraine to be destroyed. The other way is some negotiated settlement. If there’s a third way, no one’s ever figured it out.”

But why should people in Britain (or anywhere else for that matter) do NATO’s bidding knowing we’ll go hungry and freeze this winter? Why should we encourage and pay for an endless war only to see our cost of living sky-rocket? We are suffering roaring inflation and economic ruin because the British Government picks a quarrel with the Russian Bear while over-reliant on it for energy, food and a host of other essentials. How clever was that, especially at a time when we’re struggling to recover from the economic consequences of Covid?

Moreover, the mega-spend on Ukraine comes out of our reserves. No-one minds supporting the Ukrainian people in the humanitarian sense but why are we funding the country’s crazed leadership only to prolong the misery and ensure their entire country is devastated? Is all this just an elaborate exercise to create another bonanza for the Wests’ military-industrial complex?

Our Government have pledged to help rebuild Ukraine. The cost? $750 billion according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. Where’s it coming from? Not my tax money thank-you. I want that spent here at home where it matters! And what is Zelensky going to do with it? Turn Ukraine into “a second Israel”, he says. Doesn’t that set off the alarm?

In case Mr Sunak has forgotten, we’re broke. We are in debt to the tune of £2.5 trillion and our economy may collapse. The Ukraine-Russia squabble is a dirty, complex affair involving deeply unpleasant factions on all sides and, as far as I can see, has nothing to do with us. The increasingly aggressive US-led NATO, on the other hand, is determined to use Ukraine as a proxy to pursue their outdated hatred of Russia, whatever the cost to everyone else.

Stuart Littlewood
4 August 2022


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  1. You are the voice of reason Stuey, always look forward to your articles, especially on Palestine.
    Nato is the private army of the Rothchilds, has the power to order countries to support criminal countries like Ukraine, look what Victor Yana was doing back in 2014, he was leaning towards Russia because Russia offered Ukraine cheap gas and also to pay of half of its debt, it was in Russias interest that Ukraine didnt become an infested country by letting the West in, even little NZ is sending more troops to Britain to train cannon fodder.
    These Ukrainian trainees’ will not want to go back to Ukraine, how many have scarpered to the country side?

  2. “our Government investing £billions of our money”

    It is not and never has been “our Government”.
    It is not and never has been “our money”.

    • The Government has no money of its own – it spends tax revenues. The rest is borrowings. And it certainly is OUR government, except we don’t look after it well enough and allow other to hijack it.

  3. What “economic consequences of Covid”? It’s about the same as the flu, which strikes most every year, and Covid-19 was in 2020! Strange; I see a August 6, (or 4) 2022 date on Stuart Littlewood’s letter. What year is this? Does he think Covid is the grossly inflated (epidemiologist) view of H1N1? And yes, I’m aware, in 2020 Russell Bentley had much to say about Ukrainian attacks on the Donbass.

    • SaHiB: For example, the mountain of debt from the furlough scheme (March 2020-November 2021) which paid millions of people to do nothing, so at least 18 months of low productivity. 11.7 million jobs were furloughed in the UK at a cost of £70 billion. The NHS is on its knees drained of energy and resources especially staff, and now has a huge backlog of work which will take years. Firms in many sectors have high absenteeism and staffing problems and are failing, unable to recover fast enough. And in case you hadn’t noticed Covid is still with us and we can expect more of it as winter approaches.

  4. Its strange that the easiest, most obvious and most sensible rule “Thou shalt not kill” is the one we have the most difficulty with. We can’t manage it. And most of us would never even think about killing another human being. Yet a small handful of “psychopaths” are able to convince us to kill millions of men, women and children to achieve the opposite of what we’re doing: Peace.

  5. Discount Junk -4- a Mega Profit.. ?

    lets take HIMARS… this junk has been sitting in a wharehouse -4- 30 yrs.. i can just seee people swapping circut boards motors comm’s on a couple dozen of these units to get 12 that they could bully a trigger..

    lets move around the corner here.. yes boris was baited… butt was boiris waiting w baited breath 2 grab nato by the balls after that afgan mess.. myself i think they suked nato into a black hole..

    what are they going to fite with going forward.. a pile of nukes – a bunch of planes under S-300’s.. nato is going to loose uki and any state that has nato next door.. look at the germans.. they bombed their own ammo dump that is still burning and popping ordinance..

    it was perfect timing and nato rushed in and surronded the USG and here qwe are… gettin close to the end game and round 2

  6. “And as Noam Chomsky puts it: “What is the best thing to do to save Ukraine from a grim fate, from further destruction?….. There are two ways for a war to end: One way is for one side or the other to be basically destroyed.”

    I think there could be a third way. Annex the eastern ethnic Russian areas of Ukraine to become Russia proper. Run out the theiving city of London agent Zionists like Igor Kolomoisky and settle the area properly. It can generate great agricultural, industrial and mineral wealth. Then Conquer the remainder of Ukraine, put in Russian compliant administration, and control it tightly as a Russian protectorate. Kill, imprison, or banish to Poland all the Nazis in this area, and enforce and enact laws to keep their

  7. Working in the Rogue-Air-Force you learned your lessons. This agent’s war is waged by the US to make it expensive for the Russians. But the costs of Nato-action is paid by the European vasalls in the West, another US-war-target. The main profit-taker is the US with their expensive oil- & gasindustries. But to weaken those European cowboybootlickers is a typical shortsighted US-policy as usual, which led to so many backstrokes against the US in the past. When the Islandapes missed the chance, 1914, in joining forces with the Frogs & the Krauts to crush the US once & forever, now the same stupidity is spreaded like a real virus. The Europeans could join US-sanction-policy, but for real money, i mean really a lot of money. But the European voter elected on the entire continent (ex-Hungary) their own drillmasters for own poverty in favour of the revelling US. Let’s pray for another Civil War.

  8. I believe Jim Morrison is speaking directly to these provocateurs in ‘Lament’. He put into words and song that which is in the mind of these twisted world leaders. Jim is dead. The people still suffer.

    • Jim Morrisons father was a Rear Admiral, after the USS Liberty attack, wanted to bomb Tel Aviv, so to punish him the music industry, led by you know whos, killed his son. On a side note, Rear Admiral Morrison participated in the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the Invasion of Vietnam.

  9. It is telling that both major parties in the USA are fully onboard with sending tens of billions worth of weaponry down the Ukraine toilet hole. Both major parties, plus our illustrious MSM, are controlled by the same evil cabal that brought us 9/11 and all the wars of this century. Biden or Trump, it makes no difference. Ultimately, either by another Zionist false-flag event or by our blundering into a catastrophic war with Russia, the USA is kaput. As Netanyahu bragged in 1990, “America is a golden calf, and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.”

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