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3 UK Forces Wounded in Iraq, Dozens ISIS Terrorists Reportedly Killed

Three British Special Forces were wounded in a firefight with 30 ISIS terrorists in Iraq, it has been reported.

Clinton, Sanders debate plans for ISIS, Afghanistan and veterans care

By Leo Shane III, Military Times The final two Democratic presidential candidates both vowed Thursday not to send combat troops into Iraq and Syria if...

Kurds: Increasing numbers of senior ISIS commanders seeking refuge in Libya

A top Libyan intelligence official says that increasing numbers of top Islamic State (ISIS) commanders have relocated from Iraq and Syria in recent months...

New York Times Is Catching Up with VT on Terrorist Erdogan

We appreciate the New York Times for pointing out the fact that Erdogan is a bad guy, but the report is not original.

Two Subjects Nobody Wants To Discuss

Religion and politics are two sides of the same coin. They always have been.

Secret US Air Strip in Kurdish Syria Aimed at Turkey, Not...

Jim W. Dean - VT breaks another story first with corporate media coming in behind but with never a mention of us. What are they afraid of?

YPG Kurds: “Turkey attacking Syrian Kurds to aid ISIS, has...

  The Syrian Peoples Protection Units (YPG) have announced that they have extended westward from the Euphrates River in their fight against Islamic State (ISIS). The...

ISIS Training Camps Found in Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania

The EU law enforcement agencies claimed that the Islamic State planned to carry out new acts of terror in the EU countries.

Drone strike kills ISIS military commander southwest of Kirkuk

Nineveh Operations Command announced on Monday the killing of the so-called ISIS Wali of the area of Tal-Afar in an aerial bombing by the international coalition west of Mosul.

US military commander in Iraq and Syria rejects GOP pledges to...

The US military commander in charge of the Iraq-Syria war has tacitly rebuked pledges by leading Republican presidential contenders to carpet-bomb the Islamic State.

Turkey, Saudi’s Vow to Keep Arming Terrorists

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said that, together with Saudi Arabia, his country will continue to support what he called "moderate" groups fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

ISIS may ‘turn guns’ against Israel, Jordan amid failures in Syria...

The Israeli defense chief is pretending to fear violence from ISIL if things cool off in Syria, when Israel has been a major supporter of the Jihadis in south Damascus and Golan areas.

US-Coalition to Train at Least 10 Iraqi Brigades to Retake Mosul...

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The US-led coalition against Daesh has assessed that at least ten brigades of Iraqi security forces are needed to retake the city of Mosul from the terror group,...

Iraq Defense Ministry Released Footage Seized From ISIS Militants

Iraqi forces carried out successful offensives against ISIS (Daesh) Takfiri terrorists on Wednesday, liberating more strategic areas in the western province of Anbar.

Those Crazy ISIS Kids, You Just Have to Love Em

ISIS Eradicated from Latakia, Syria with Bombing Raids: Kremlin ISIS Eradicated from Latakia, Syria with Bombing Raids: Kremlin Kremlin defence chiefs have claimed victory over ISIS...

Israeli defense minister says ISIS funded with Turkish money

During his visit to Athens, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon accused Turkey of sponsoring terrorism by buying oil from Daesh terrorist group.

US – Turkey eyeing military operation in Syria against ISIS if...

Jim W. Dean - My, my...John Kerry is signaling he is going into the Syrian negotiations prepared to put a gun to someone's head if the US and Turkey do not get what they want. Gosh, I wonder who that could be ?

Breaking: Abadi Blasts Erdogan for Phony War on ISIS

Following stories in Rudlaw, the Erbil based outlet for Kurdish reporting, a reflection of the policies of the Barzani regime, now seen as "up to their necks" with Erdogan, oil theft, turning a blind eye to ISIS human trafficking, and more, is a great source of regional intelligence.

US Special Forces join Iraqi troops to flush out remaining ISIS...

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - With help from US Special Forces Iraqi troops have surrounded Islamic State (ISIS) militants in the area of Hussaibiyah in...

Daily Mail: Video of ISIS Bank Blown to Hell

Pentagon releases video of U.S. airstrike of ISIS bank that torched 'millions of dollars used to pay the terror group's fighters' ISIS cash depot was...

Western media complicit in Jakarta terror attacks

Western media ignore most shootings but "splash blood all over the front page of the newspaper and all over the TV screen” when an incident has to with Takfiri Daesh terrorists, attributing their activities to Islam in an attempt to tarnish its image.

RT Report: Turkey Isolates US Backed Kurdish Fighters, Provides Superhighway...

Gordon Duff - Turkey has totally guarded borders, no refugees go in or out without Erdogan ordering it, no oil trucks move in our out without Erdogan ordering it, ISIS is Erdogan, the refugee crisis is Erdogan and NATO is backing him.

Putin’s Dilemma

Is it time to cut the head off the Khazarian Mafia Snake?

Putin: West Lying, Russia Currently Supporting Anti-Assad Rebels Who Fight...

Russia supports Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces and will back anti-Assad rebels as long as they are fighting Islamic State, President Vladimir Putin told Germany’s Bild media

Breaking: US Destroys ISIS Banking Facility in Mosul

The Pentagon just announced that the US dropped 2 2000 pound bombs on a building in central Mosul, the city in Iraq that ISIS has used as its capitol.

Russians Ramp Up Air Strikes on Turkish Arms Convoys to ISIS

Russian combat aircraft carried out over 300 missions in Syria since the beginning of 2016, hitting about 1,100 terrorist targets in ten provinces, the Russian General Staff said Monday.

Special Report: George Soros and The Gang

Katherine Frisk - BRICS, Colour Revolutions and how we got to this World War Three.

The Secret Global Reset Agreement

You are not allowed to know about this secret international Financial Reset Agreement.

Russia Today: Syrian Oil Fields Recaptured by YPG from Turkish...

The problem the Kurds have is that they are limited in their refining capacity and capability. They cannot make complicated petroleum products, only low quality diesels and petrol.

Busted: Turkey’s Claims of Attack By ISIS Refuted, ISIS Is...

Gordon Duff - If Turkey or even the "rope-a-dope" Kurds wanted to gut ISIS, they could simply do nothing, as opposed to what they are doing now, working 24 hours a day transiting stolen oil into Turkey.

US Presidential Candidates Want a Sunni Arab Coalition to Fight ISIS....

Several US presidential candidates from both parties share a bullet point in their plans to fight the Islamic State group while limiting American ground troops’ involvement: Build a coalition of Sunni Arab nations to help shoulder the effort.

Busted! US Helicopters Aiding ISIS in Iraq

Representative of Iraq's State of Law Coalition at the parliament Awatif Naima revealed that the recent US heliborne operations in Huweija, Kirkuk province, was a plot to help the ISIL terrorists.

VT Turkey: ISIS is a Vile Terrorist Organisation for the Majority...

VT Ankara, Turkey - Democracy, equality and rule of the people are just words in the Constitutions of countries, but in reality the people have little say in their governments.

Iraq Big Victories in Anbar, ISIS War Minister, 250 other Terrorist...

On Tuesday, Iraqi fighter jets pounded a terrorist base in the town of Barwanah killing the purported Daesh war minister, identified as Samer Mohammad Matloub Hussein al- Mahlawi, along with three of his close aides

Iranian Report: ISIS Marketing Kids as Suicide Bombers

Tens of thousands of young Muslim boys are being bought and sold as suicide bombers for up to £30,000 by jihadi militants, it has been claimed.

Secret UN Security Council Meeting on Turkish Role Aiding ISIS

The United Nations Security Council will discuss delivery of weapons from Turkey to Syria on Tuesday at Russia’s request

Saudi head-choppers are worse than ISIS

The Zionist-dominated Western media is covering up for the Saudi head-choppers.

Bio-terror Threat in UK, ISIS Doctors Join NHS

Editor's note:  "And they worry about Syrian refugees..."  British doctors who are currently helping save the lives of ISIS terrorists injured by allied bombings are...