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Erdogan – Turkey will close border with Iraqi Kurdish region

Jim W. Dean - What I have been posing in my interviews over the last few days, that with only Israel supporting the Iraqi Kurdish separatist move, there will be no international group to oppose the sanctions that will be coming down on Kurdistan.

Iraqi PM slams Kurdish referendum as ‘unconstitutional’

Jim W. Dean - Iraq could find itself between a rock and a hard place on this Kurdish referendum provocation. If it is not a real call for secession, then the goal may be as a show of political force to renegotiate keeping a bigger share of their oil revenues.

Washington bets on Kurds

A few days ago The Washington Post referring to two anonymous sources, members of Trump's administration, reported that the White House had decided to end a covert CIA program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels.

The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon of Mass Destabilization

The pop singer, HellyLuv is a willing marketing tool for the Kurds. The Kurds are often portrayed by mainstream media as gallant freedom fighters, with cute girls fighting in their ranks. By and large they have cast their lot with the US in its efforts at regime change in Syria. This places the Kurds in what would seem to be some atrocious alliances, including with Israel, the Saudis, and… ISIS.

Kurds May Face Turkish Army in Syria One-to-One

Recently Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his readiness to conduct a new military operation in the north of Syria to prevent the emergence...

Erdogan to fight US arrest warrants (re: DC brawl)

I find it hard to believe that Erdogan's security is so poorly trained that they would just spontaneously leap into a crowd like that in the middle of the US capital.

US starts providing weapons to Syrian Kurds

Jim W. Dean - We are in kind of an in-between situation with the Syrian war, where news outlets are wanting predictions on how various battles will turn out, but there are more balls in the air to juggle now.

Saudi’s Paying PershMerga, Iranian Kurds, to Start New Terror Wars

Leader of the Iranian Kurdish Communist Party (Komela) Umar Alikhanzada. Photo: Rudaw video   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The main armed Kurdish groups opposed to the...

The Fall of the Saudis, the Battle after ISIS

Iraq is going to invade and destroy Saudi Arabia.

NEO – Mosul Offensive Reveals Larger Geopolitical Game Plan

Jim W. Dean - We are watching the fruits of regime change and destabilization in Iraq getting ready to be picked -- now that this weak and corrupt government can no longer hold a fractious state together without outside support.

NEO – Will a Kurdish State be Born Under the Guise...

Jim W. Dean - Henry Kamens has one of the best analyses of the Turkish incursion into Syria and its many layers of intrigue with several of the surrounding countries. It dovetails with much of Gordon's and my interviews, but adds more.

Turkey plan for Syria incursion in the works for over 2...

Jim W. Dean - This story reminds me of the classic line, "There is no honor among thieves". We now see the Kurds have been used as canon fodder by the US after fighting for months to take Manbij from ISIS.

ANALYSIS: Kurds see ‘no friends but the mountains’ after US rebuke

Pro-Kurdish fighters claim US, Syria, Turkey and Iran are collaborating to undermine them, after having served US as shock troops against IS Wladimir van Wilgenburg QAMISHLI,...

Allies No More? Kurds Fight to Conquer Syrian Government-Run Enclave

A source in the Syrian Army has denied information about the advance of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in the Syrian city of al-Hasakah, according to Sputnik's Arabic edition.

Turks Aiding ISIS (and Barzani Kurds) Against Baghdad Suffer Dysentery Outbreak

Editor's note:  Months ago, when a 12,000 truck oil convoy delivering crude through Kurdish controlled territory, past an illegal Turkish base inside Iraq and...

ARA News: No change in Obama policy towards Syrian Kurds despite...

Kurdish fighters from the YPG and YPJ bidding farewell to a comrade killed during clashes with jihadists in Aleppo countryside. Photo: ARA News Syrian...

German, French special forces in Syria ‘an aggression’

Jim W. Dean - As a general rule of thumb, the former colonial operatives are always on the ground in conflict areas where they have an interest, and don't worry much about having an invitation.

NEO – Lost Helicopter: Turkey’s War Against the Kurds

Jim W. Dean - Seth Ferris takes us into the Byzantine geopolitics of Turkey's current situation with backdrop on the Iraqi Kurds shooting down the Turkish Cobra helicopter.

Iran: US Delaying Kurd’s Military Operations in Raqqa to Save ISIL

A senior Syrian military expert said Washington is trying to save the Takfiri terrorists in Raqqa province by delaying the Kurdish forces' military operations against the terrorist groups there.

NEO – Davutoglu vs. Erdogan: Who has lost?

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan has a lot of showdowns in play. The EU interior minister has said "no deal" on the visa regime unless Turkey complies with all the requirements, of which it has been well aware for a number of years and never objected to, until now.

ISIS helmet death cam: Terrorist records own death in amateurish battle...

Jim W. Dean - None of the jihadis seem to be firing at identified targets, but just doing the Rambo spraying fire routine that just runs you out of ammo and makes you easier to kill.

Israel Backs Statehood for Compliant Kurds

HAIFA, Israel - A senior Israeli official reiterated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s earlier support for the establishment of a Kurdish state in coordination with regional powers, the United Nations and the US.

Russia accuses Turkey of creeping expansion against Kurds in Syria

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused Turkey of "creeping expansion" in Syria aimed at undermining the Syrian Kurds.

Erdogan responds to Obama attacks on Press crackdown – by lying

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan finally responds to Obama's moves to distance the US from Erdogan's crackdown on Turkish opposition media. Incredibly he is just denying it, a bad move on his part.

Barzani Kurds Outed by VT Forced to Cut Off ISIS Oil

Kurdish Peshmerga forces have cut the Islamic State’s (ISIS) oil smuggling routes from Kirkuk, stopping what was reportedly a burgeoning trade between the militants and oil pirates, a top Kurdish official told Rudaw.

Ankara Leveraging Syrian Refugees to Disenfranchise Kurds

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Turkey’s Kurdish lawmakers say the government’s decision to gradually grant citizenship to over 3 million Syrian refugees in the country’s...

Exclusive: Identified, Brussels “Mastermind” Captured by Kurds

  Nahed al Husaini VT DAMASCUS BUREAU EXCLUSIVE European Department for security and information (DESI) Secretary General Haissam Bou Said has released a photograph of...

Breaking, Exclusive: Brussels Mastermind Captured by Syrian Kurds, Implicates Erdogan

Damascus VT/ Kurdish Popular Forces serving in Syria today captured a senior Turkish intelligence official who has, under "enhanced interrogation" implicated President Erdogan.

Interview – Russia urges probe of abuse against Kurds in Turkey

Jim W. Dean - This is better late than never, but frankly the Russians should have been pushing Turkey on the Kurdish atrocities sooner, and the same goes for its relations with Qatar, the Saudis and the Israelis.

Reports of abuse against Kurds in Turkey must be investigated –...

  Moscow says it is necessary to investigate reports of massive human rights abuse in south-eastern Turkey against Kurdish nationals, the Russian foreign minister said...

Interview – Russia has evidence of Turkish forces on Syrian soil

Jim W. Dean - Lavrov and the UN's de Mistura double-team Erdogan on the eve of the next Geneva talks to push for the Syrian Kurds being included in the talks, as they are 15% of the population and fighting the terrorist brigades.

Turkey Pays Kurds $200m But For What?

The story below is a childish fiction.  Turkey gives nothing, certainly not to real Kurds who they are wiping out in military action inside...

Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of aiding sarin gas delivery to rebels...

In an interview with RT, a spokesman for the Kurdish YPG militia accused Turkey of providing a clear transit route for the chemical weapons that were deployed against them near the city of Aleppo on Tuesday.

Group Asadullah, the new killer of the Kurdish nation

In a Tweet on his personal page, an analyst and expert on affairs of Turkey, revealed the true identity of Asadullah group that has recently showed up in the Kurdish regions of Turkey.

Are the Barzani Kurds Lying about their Oil Theft deal with...

If you want to see classic con and deception, keep reading and no matter what, don't slide off your chair.

Kurds claim downing of Turkish helicopter bombing them over Iraqi Kurdistan...

Reports have emerged that Kurds have shot down a helicopter over Iraqi Kurdistan, which they say was used in airstrikes against them. Turkish officials...

Erbil Based Pro-Saudi/Turkey Propaganda Outlet Banned by Syrian Kurds

- The following is a statement issued Thursday by the Rudaw Media Network regarding a ban imposed on its journalists working in the canton of...

Unexpected: Turkey’s Attacks on Syrian Kurds ‘Bring Russia and US Closer’

Russia and the United States have taken a major step to resolving the Syrian conflict by reaching an agreement on cessation of hostilities between...