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Ukrainian nationalists are preparing a second Mariupol in Odessa

Ukie Banderas are planning to use civilian human shields in Odessa, as they did in Mariupol.

Ukraine: One Month of War

In the East of Ukraine, the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine, where the self-proclaimed republics of the DPR and the LPR had been previously created, are now almost under the control of the divisions of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR.

Ukraine War Daily Brief from Colonel Cassad

Street battles in Mariupol continue. The DNR authorities claim to control approximately 70% of the city's residential areas and parts of the industrial areas. The enemy continues to put up stubborn resistance. According to a number of reports, no prisoners will be taken after March 23. For now, they are still offering to surrender their weapons.

Patrick Lancaster: In and Out of Mariupol, March 23rd

Reports came in today of a sad trend of elderly people finally being pulled out of the basements after a long time of neglect, who are dying within the hour after their rescue. We must make ALL the devils that caused this pay for their sins.

Ukraine War Day 27: War of Attrition

Bloody street fighting continues in the city of Mariupol where the DPR mop up operation continues. According to the estimates shared by the DPR, about half of the 14.5 thousand AFU personnel are still active in the city.

Mariupol City Center: NATO targets China. Trucker strike in Spain

Update about Mariupol; NATO targets China; Trucker strike in Spain. Alex Christoforou reports from Athens Greece

Ukraine War Day 28

SV Pressa: Since the formation of the “cauldron”, the size of the Mariupol grouping of the [Banderas] has been reduced by about half, but the resistance is still strong. Half of the city cleared. There is evidence that [Kiev] requested a retreat from Donetsk to the Dzerzhinsk-Kramatorsk line in order not to be surrounded.

Ukraine War Day 27-28: No Defense from Russian Strikes

The general military situation in Ukraine remained relatively same during the last few days and most likely will continue to remain like this as long as the grouping of Kyiv’s forces surrendered in Mariupol city is not fully eliminated. Meanwhile, the Russian side intensified strikes on objects of military infrastructure, weapon depots and gatherings of military equipment all across the country.

Ukraine War Day 26: Advances in Donbas

The Russians continue to respond with precise artillery and air strikes on Ukrainian units hiding in the cities.

Ukraine War Day 25: Continued Gains and Losses

As of March 20, fierce street fighting continues in the city of Mariupol. Units of the Russian Armed Forces and the DPR developed their advance in the city with fire support from Russian Navy warships. The grouping of AFU troops, nationalist forces and foreign mercenaries encircled there is gradually being destroyed.

“Drank water from puddles.” What is happening in Mariupol now

There are urban battles in Mariupol, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the evacuation of 43,000 people. At the exit there are columns of cars with white flags – symbols of refugees, with the inscriptions “Family” or “Children”. At the checkpoint, the military check documents, men of military age are checked for tattoos, they are looking for Azov fighters trying to escape.

Backshooting Coward? Canadian Super-Sniper Dies in Mariupol with Nazi Compatriots

Sources confirm that Canadian sniper Wali is dead in Ukraine.

Russia’s MOD Outlines Efforts to Free Mariupol Hostages from Nazi Fanatics

A terrible humanitarian catastrophe has developed in Mariupol as a result of lawlessness arranged by Ukrainian nationalists. Desperate and mindless bandits, realizing the impossibility of providing any assistance from Kyiv, staged a mass terror in those quarters of the city that they still control.

First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Mariupol (Special Report)

Who controls Mariupol controls the Sea of Azov. A humanitarian corridor for civilian evacuations was set, and Patrick Lancaster does brief interviews with people on the street.

War in Ukraine: Day 23

Mariupol airport, located on the western outskirts of the city, came under the control of the DPR.

Ukie War Day 21: Two Main Ukie Strongholds Close to Collapse

Refugees from Mariupol confirm that the Drama Theater was blown up by Azov fighters. A woman who evacuated with her children from Mariupol reported that neo-Nazis blew up the Drama Theater before they retreated.

March 16 Brief on the Ukie War

Summary of military situation. Mariupol: Stubborn fighting continues in the city, but signs of the soon to be collapsed defense are increasingly evident. Fighting has already approached Azovstal, from the west the troops have advanced deep into the city blocks.

Mop Up of Azov Nazi’s in Mariupol as Liberation is Near...

Russian Black Sea Fleet ships are supporting the operation to take Mariupol with fire.

Mariupol maternity hospital was used as a base for Azov battalion...

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov spoke about the shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol. According to Lavrov, the hospital was used as a base for extremists.

MOD Russia: Meeting of the Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response...

Despite the endless streams of lies and misinformation, the Russian Federation continues to fulfill its humanitarian obligations. All the injured and willing residents of Mariupol will be taken to temporary accommodation facilities, where all conditions for comfortable living are created for them. Arriving citizens will be provided with everything necessary, issues of placement of schoolchildren and students in educational institutions will be promptly resolved.

Mariupol: Azov Terrorists Defeated, Mass Evacuation of Civilians Begins

The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed that the city of Mariupol was unblocked.

Ukie War Day 18: A Day of Success for Russia...

On March 13, several important military events on the Ukrainian front lines marked success of Russian forces. Advance of Russian forces and their allies was reported on the southern Donbas front lines.

Ukie War: Combat Briefing from Pro-Russian Organization

Mariupol was taken today. It is badly destroyed. For the residents there is a real humanitarian disaster. There are many trophies in the city, including a large number of tanks.

March 12, the Russian Offensive

Based on Kiev's saboteur actions, Russia feels that some kind of ‘diplomatic understanding’ between Moscow and Kiev will have a chance only after the full collapse of the defense of Kiev’s forces in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv and Mariupol cities.

Ukie War Day 15: Panic Sets in as Mariupol Fake Hospital...

After almost a week of failed attempts, Russia made a unilateral claim that the humanitarian corridors from the blockaded cities in Ukraine will be opened daily. At the same time Russian and DPR, LPR forces entered cities like Mariupol and Volnovakha and began the evacuation of civilians by their own means.

Russian Source: Map of Ukrainian Conflict March 10

Russian summary of the conflict in Ukraine.

Zelensky Saves his Butt, while Russian Forces Advance

It's now just a question of how long will it drag out with the West funneling ammunition and mercenaries into the growing cauldron.

Russia Says Hospital Bombing Story is ‘Fake News’

Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that claims of the “airstrike” that allegedly took place in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol are nothing but a provocation aimed to fuel anti-Russian hype.

AntiFa Freedom Fighters Mopping Up Nazi Regime Forces in Maripol

On March 8, Ukrainian civilians did not use the humanitarian corridors from the cities of Volnovakha and Mariupol, as nationalists continued to prevent them from leaving the city for the fourth day in a row.

Day 12 of ‘Adventures in Kiev’

Odessa has been left on its own. Russian forces are attacking military infrastructure facilities and the locations of Ukrainian units, without undertaking any assault operation.

Ukraine War: Russian Gains on 12th Day

SouthFront: The last few days were marked by active offensive operations of Russian forces in the region of Donbas as well as a new demonstration of the anti-human posture of the Kyiv government towards its own citizens.

Ukraine War Day 10: Tens of thousands of hostages held by...

Soldiers of Ukraine nationalist battalions completely blocked the exit for civilian evacuation from the cities for thousands of local residents.

Ukraine Day Eight: Hammer and Anvil (reputed pro-Russia source)

Both Ukrainian servicemen and fighters of nationalist battalions in all eastern and southeastern parts of the front are surrendering