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Russia/DPR Forces Storm Seaport in Accelerating Advance

On April 8, Russian and DPR forces managed to storm the seaport of Mariupol, which was one of the key strongholds of Ukrainian troops, Azov nationalists and foreign mercenaries. After seizing most of the port, DPR forces began evacuating the crews of the civilian vessels which were stuck there.

Update 1: Boris Vists Nazi Kiev, another Evacuation Fails

Mariupol evacuation of NATO operatives fails.

Sitrep: Operation Z

Igor Konashenkov confirms that significant numbers of [NATO instructors] and foreign fighters are known to be in Mariupol because Russia can hear them crying in 6 different languages in intercepted radio calls.

Russians Display New Secret Naval Rocket System Unleashed on US Forces...

SF: On April 8, Russian sources released a video showing a large landing ship of the Russian Navy shelling Ukrainian forces in the city of Mariupol from the Taganrog Bay.

NATO Fails to Ship Evacuation of their ‘Military Advisors”‘ …Russians ‘Send...

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about another unsuccessful attempt for the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to save the commanders of the Ukrainian Nazis and foreign mercenaries.

The Battle for Mariupol is Heating Up

As of April 7, out of 14 000 soldiers of the AFU, including servicemen of the Azov regiment, besieged in Mariupol a month ago, around three thousand are still fighting. The center of the city and almost all administrative buildings have come under the control of Russian and DPR troops.

The hunt for fuel depots and Western advisers continues

Missile strikes against specific targets and counteraction to attempts to establish an air bridge from Mariupol have been intensified.

Russian Press Interviews Mariupol Survivors

Mariupol residents share their terrifying experience with RT.

War In Ukraine Day 41: Mariupol Trap Snaps Shut. Major Battle...

Fierce street clashes continue in the city of Mariupol. On April 6, the DPR advanced in the area of the city seaport. The first footage from Russian drones from the area was shared online. This is a clear sign that the area was almost secured.

Battle For Mariupol: Azovstal On Fire, Provocation In City Port Revealed

According to the DPR People’s Militia, about three thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including nationalist regiments, are currently besieged in Mariupol. The center of the city and almost all administrative buildings have come under the control of Russian and DPR troops.

Lancaster in Mariupol frontlines…again

We will pray that the angels continue to watch over Mr. Lancaster, and all the survivors of Mariupol so they can rebuild their lives.

Total News Blackout: US General Captured Leading Azov Nazis in Mariupol...

Our sources on the ground report that the last two helicopters trying to evacuate foreign VIPs from Mariupol were shot down this morning. They were sent on a suicide mission to collect Lt.General Coultier, who was, we are told, hiding in a huge industrial complex with some Special Forces staffers and about 30 Ukrainian Army, not Azov, soldiers.

60,000 Nazi Troops Trapped in Kramatorsk, Fear they will Slaughter Local...

The Kiev regime wants to repeat the bloody Mariupol scenario in Kramatorsk.

Lancaster rides ambulance with wounded son and mother in Mariupol

Jim W. Dean - Here in the US, the war fever is almost at the drunken orgy stage, with the MSM all in, with no staged provocation that will not make front page news, no matter how illogical it is.

More NATO Officers Serving with Azov in Mariupol ask Russia to...

Pravda/Russian State Controlled Media: According to unconfirmed information coming from military correspondents of various media, not only the Ukrainian military and members of the National Battalion, but also several NATO officers from the United States, France, Germany and Great Britain, as well as from neutral Sweden, were locked in a cauldron near Mariupol.

Patrick Lancaster: Today in Mariupol, the Truth

Report from Mariupol with Patrick Lancaster.

Watch Kadyrov Address Mass Surrender of Unabused Ukrainian Marines (503rd Battalion)

On 4 April, 267 soldiers and officers of the 503rd Independent Battalion of the Ukrainian Navy surrendered in Mariupol. This was the entire surviving personnel of the unit.

Freeing Imprisoned Ukraine: Exclusive Report from the Nazi Fortifications (video/subtitles)

Mariupol refugees describe the conditions they had to endure and escaped from.

Mariupol City Center – Hell on Earth, Patrick Lancaster report (new...

Jim W. Dean - Notice how there is no UN commission on the scene interviewing any of these people for potential war crime trials as witnesses.

British intelligence notified Zelensky how the eastern grouping of the Armed...

According to the publication 'Resident', the Russian troops intend to surround the thousands of Kiev's APU groups in one boiler, and then break it into several small ones in order to clear it out in stages.

Azov Executed Dozens of Mariupol Police for ‘False Flag’ Videos to...

TsargradTV: Maxim Pavlenko said that the nationalists from Azov * shot down entire district police departments for the sake of staged videos.

Ukraine War: Mariupol, at the Edge of the Abyss

The director Maxim Fadeev has been in combat formations of the assault group liberating Mariupol for 2 weeks. Documents these events that will form the basis of the documentary “At the Edge of the Abyss”.

Day 35: Waiting for the Hammer to Drop

Detailed updates. Russian forces are regrouping in order to intensify military actions in priority areas and to completely liberate Donbas.

Zelinsky’s Nazi ‘Holdouts’ in Mariupol Seize Maternity Hospital, Take 100 Patients...

According to the Donetsk security forces, we are talking about maternity hospital No. 2. There are about a hundred people there, 37 of them are children and five babies, RIA Novosti writes.

How Mariupol will become a key hub of Eurasian integration

Mariupol, the strategic Sea of Azov port, remains in the eye of the storm in Ukraine.

Progress of the liberation of Ukraine. Rossa Primavera News Agency’s report....

Overnight, Russian aviation destroyed 68 Ukrainian military targets. Air-launched cruise missiles eliminated a large Ukrainian army’s fuel base in the Rovno region.

Enlightening: Tour the US Financed ‘Resort’ for the Israeli Trained Nazi’s...

Azov bases near Mariupol. Books about Mussolini, swastikas, portraits of fascist leaders and much more. Such findings were discovered by the DPR militaries during the inspection of resort villages near Mariupol, where the Azov neo nazis had occupied cottages.

Loss to Humanity: MI-8 Helicopter Sent to Mariupol by Zelensky to...

Russian air defences have shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter as it was flying over the Sea of Azov, five kilometres from shore to pick up leaders of the Azov nationalist battalion from Mariupol, the Russian Defence Ministry has stated.

2nd Battle of Mariupol Ending (videos of today)

Soldiers of the Donetsk Republic transport the civilian population on armored personnel carriers from the battlefield in Mariupol. Scenes from inside Mariupol.

Biden’s Victory: 70,000 Mossad Trained Ukrainian Nazis in ‘Cauldrons’ Awaiting Eradication

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are being gradually squeezed out. We are now seeing another large “cauldron” in the Mariupol region, where not only the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also the Nazis from “Azov,” a grouping of about 3-5 thousand people, are systematically cut off from communications and will be destroyed. There is also a “Kharkov cauldron.”

Refugees Continue to Expose Ukrainian War Crimes (30m video)

Mariupol was a Donbas city with a Russian population that fought being forced to join Nazi Ukraine as seen above. Now it is being freed…as Nazi Azov, now with their commanders in chains and heading to Moscow, ordered the city razed and its population eradicated.

Refugees Report US Backed Azov Nazi’s Crimes

The American Media that back this slaughter are fully complicit in the War Crimes and need to be held to account.

Transnistria: Ukrainian Army Considering Attack to Access Russian Arms Stores

"We know that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are indeed gradually leaving Odessa, but someone will still remain there and will try to repeat the Mariupol scenario, hiding behind civilians, threatening mass destruction."

US/Nazi War Crimes in Mariupol, Eyewitness Testimony

Civilians who left the war-torn city of Mariupol through the humanitarian corridors secured by Russian and DPR forces are testifying on inhumane warfare and war crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalist forces. Residents of Mariupol confirmed that Azov members forcibly pushed them out of their apartments and used them as firing points.

Ukraine War Day 30: Russia in Donbas

A month of Russian military operations in Ukraine has passed. Kiev, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Nikolaev are almost blockaded by Russian troops, Kherson and most of the Zaporozhye region are under the Russian control. The Ukrainian air force and air defense system were almost completely destroyed, the Ukrainian Navy does not exist anymore.

Ukraine War: Daily Brief from Colonel Cassad

Serious advance in the city. Weakening of organized resistance and accelerated advance of assault groups inside the city is observed. Materials from the city show that the enemy is suffering heavy losses.

Patrick Lancaster interviews Mariupol mothers with children refugees

Jim W. Dean - The news broke today that Nationalist battalions are planning to do the same to Odessa that Mariupol got, already lining the civilians up as their human shields.