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NWO war against Russia is here

"At heart modern psychological warfare has been a tool for managing empire, not for settling conflicts in any fundamental sense."

Donald Barr, Jeffrey Epstein and The Secret Space Program

VT asks harder questions about why Don Barr would hire college dropout and serial pedophile Jeff Epstein to teach at an exclusive private school. This lets us know a bit where AG Barr came from.

Yemen: On the Sixth Anniversary of “Operation Decisive Storm”, Derailment and Violations Amounting to...

   Geneva- SAM for Rights and Liberties: The level of enjoyment by individuals of their fundamental rights in the country is constantly declining because of...

FFWN: Psychopaths in Power: “Soulless Killers” or Black-Eyed Space Lizards?

Is a bloodsucking space lizard  accusing others of being bloodsucking space lizards?

Meghan’s asymmetrical warfare on the House of Windsor was a masterclass – the British...

David Matthews is a writer whose work has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday and the Observer, and on the BBC and...

Suppressed/Classified: America’s Secret Thermobaric Nukes

The United States possesses and may well have used a devastating weapon designed to emulate terror attacks and even natural disasters. 

Russia Calls for International Conference to End Biden’s Renewed War on Syria

In a press conference held today in Moscow via video conferencing, Klimov said, that the Syrian people have the right to protect their interests and decide their own fate.

Biden deploys Trump’s fake ‘Space Force’ in Syria

President Joe Biden, and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, will have to ponder a new strategy on Syria.

WarGames within US-Israel Alliance: Iron Dome in Persian Gulf. CentCom Chief in Tel Aviv,...

Israel's goal is to present to Biden and his administration a dossier on the Iranian nuclear program that makes it impossible for the American president to re-enter the agreements.

Toward an Inclusive Security Arrangement in the Persian Gulf

Three steps: 1. Abandon plans of domination. 2. Let the regional players lead the negotiating dialogues. 3. Include other major powers.

At Us Intelligence’s Top the Prophetess of Pandemic & NWO. Biden rewards ex CIA...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio Versione originale in Italiano Update on Decxember, 16 - First posted on November, 24, 2020 The lawyer Avril Haines, capable of making...

Breaking: GOP Impeaching Biden on Jan 21 on orders from secret QAnon Base on...

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, also known as "Q Karen" or "Brain Bug Margie," on secret orders from QAnon's base on the Angry Red Planet, will be filing articles of impeachment for 'Endangering Mars' on January 21. Greene is under investigation for letting rioters into the capitol building on both January 5 for reconnaissance and on January 6 to kidnap and murder members of the government.

US new Cold War triggers faster Russia-China military ties

Jim W. Dean - US military complex woke up from its slumber, realizing that we could not pull hundreds of billions out of the US budget without some good old fashioned threats.

Secret War: Massive Secret US Force Building ISIS in Syria and Iraq as Largescale...

Eastern Syria and Western Iraq have become the epicenter of a new ISIS war, one where the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel have established a force of 30,000, mostly Americans. 

Coup Attempt in Motion Now!! Trump Stacking Pentagon in Last Ditch Attempt at Iran...

A nuclear attack on an American target, here at home or a major military facility in the Middle East has been authorized by Donald Trump.

”Target Shooting to Italian and Russian Reporters in Donbass”. But NGU Warrior Acquitted of...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy Versione originale in Italiano The Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli was not only murdered at the age of 30...

How Russia Challenged the NWO–Interview with Prof. Edward Lozansky

"When Vladimir Putin became president in 2001 he repeated his predecessor’s earlier proposals for Russia’s integration with the West and even a U.S.-Russia alliance, and proved it not just with words, but with deeds." Edward Lozansky

#UNRIG Video (46:22) Kerry Cassidy Secret Space Program 5G JFK Jr. Quantum Financial Reset...

Kerry Cassidy, founder of Project Camelot and the top interviewer and author focused on the secret space program and stellar civilization wars on Earth and off-planet, provides a riveting update across worm holes, secret space program, scalar warfare, 5G, fires in California, QFS, Q, JFK Jr. and more.

Dr. Preston James: It’s faster, easier and more effective to start a war using...

The Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attack on America, which was done by Israel and their stateside Traitors and other high USG officials, permitted the new endless “War on Terror” to be created.

VT Nuclear Education: The Secret of America’s Doomsday Nuclear Waste

October 26, 2015 YouTube frame capture (all photos suppressed) By Jeff Smith, Science Editor, Nuclear physicist and IAEA inspector The recent fires at nuclear waste facilities have been...

VT Nuclear Education: Notes on Journalism and a Q Classified Excerpt from the Secret...

Editor's Note:  VT editor Jeff Smith, at Ground Zero on 9/12/2001 investigating the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center, as a team leader...

Exclusive: Rudolf Hess, the Fuhrer’s deputy, What secret did he take to the grave?

The writer was part of a handful of skeptics who suspect Hess was about to offer something that would have made short shrift of the prevailing political order based on expensive energy provided by the industries we know.

Censored by Russian Government: Election America, a Perfect Storm of Corruption and Mayhem (objectionable...

What is clear is this, there are groups, call them organizations, call them interest groups or even criminal cabals, that are desperate to keep Trump in office. What Trump policies are driving this effort? Would his other acts, the blackmail, the suppression of political freedoms and his alleged connivance in domestic terrorism support a more careful examination?

Vladimir Putin: The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World War II –...

Putin - Drawing on a shared historical memory, we can trust each other and must do so. That will serve as a solid basis for enhancing the stability and security on the planet. It is our common duty and responsibility towards the entire world, towards present and future generations.

US Using New Zealand For Secret Rocket Launches

An hour after lift-off, it was gone – released somewhere above Northern Europe into a classified orbit on a secret mission. The US spy satellite belonged to the National Reconnaissance Office, or NRO, the US spy agency responsible for surveilling earth from space for America’s military and intelligence agencies, this was launched from New Zealand for the first time.

Plane Contrails Have Surprising Effect On Global Warming

Recent studies have found that contrails (a portmanteau of condensation and trails) may contribute as much as or more than all flights to the warming of the planet.

Before Demanding Access to Wuhan, US Should Lift Veil on Its Secret Bioweapon Labs

Sputnik/Moscow: The US accusations against Beijing over the so-called "cover-up" of the supposed Wuhan lab origins of COVID have raised questions about the US...

Vladislav Krasnov’s Rebuttal to Bret Stephens’s The Secrets of Jewish Genius

Commentary by Jonas E. Alexis Jonas E. Alexis: It’s always a pleasure to read Vladislav Krasnov’s work. The following article is quite long, but it...

Days from Civil War: Trump Calls Up Secret Force of 10,000 US Army to...

The second Trump uses force to vacate congress, the US will cease to exist as a republic.

The Cabal, Dark Secrets of the Wizards of Oz and Your Hero Within (Part...

Part III: Wizards of Mind Control and Their Attempt at Full-Spectrum Dominance A Braveheart Article Series Hang onto your hat Dorothy, journey bravely into the eye...

CoVid-19 BioWeapon: DEEP STATE-CIA-NWO Top Secret Military Missions in Ukraine, Fort Detrick, Sigonella, Wuhan,...

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy VERSIONE ORIGINALE IN ITALIANO It is disturbing to discover that all the most important research on bacteriological weapons...

MEMO FOR THE PRESIDENT: The Continuing Hybrid War Against You, the US Economy and...

Robert David Steele, the first person to evaluate Wuhan as a hybrid warfare event combining biological, electromagnetic, and information campaigns, provides an update for the President whom all Veterans love and wish to see triumph.

Intel Drop: Putin terrified of Erdogan, as Russians pull aside while Israel and Turkey...

Syria is considering expelling Russia and sending its troops home. Why? By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with intelligence sources inside Syria and Turkey Introduction: This is a...

U.S. Secretary of Defense Meets with Rogue Nuclear Commanders to Discuss Armageddon

The West Point Mafia, all from the "bad apple" Class of 1986 that RDS talks about so much, is on the move again, this time it isn't Iran they are planning to nuke, but all of us.

Interview: Counterintelligence Perspective on Wuhan Virus – Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Robert Steele answers questions on all aspects of the Wuhan attack, speculating that it is both a Zionist false flag, China's 9/11, and a first instance of a new form of warfare integrating biowar, 5G electormagentic war, and preplanned Western information and economic warfare.

A New Definition of Warfare

Sanctions can be more deadly than bullets

NEO: The Nasty Secret Behind Aramco, ISIS and Trump in Syria

The Saudi Arabian oil company, Aramco, is now hiring oil workers throughout Deir Ezzor Province inside Syria as part of a joint effort, nominally with an unknown American entity and with a full partnership with both ISIS and the United States Army.

Boeing Crash, New Footage shows Two Missiles. Why Canada Afraid of Black-Box Secrets?

Canada, France, and US have declined Iran's request to help extract data from the black box of the Ukrainian plane! Why?

2020: The Clandestine Super Secretive Year Ahead

VT Author Michael Shrimpton makes some predictions for 2020, dismantles Iran's absurd claim to have confused Flight 752 with a cruise missile and reviews Sir Sam Mendes' stunning new movie, 1917.

Boeing UIA flight 752: the missile’s riddle in wargames

by Fabio Giuseppen Carlo Carisio for VT Italy UPDATE The Ukrainian passenger aircraft that recently crashed in Iran’s capital was brought down due to “human error”...