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JFK Assassination: Biden Delays the Release of Sealed Records. Kennedy’s Family: “Outrage against American...

John F. Kennedy's nephews are slamming the Biden administration's decision to push back the scheduled release of JFK assassination records that remain sealed until late 2022. Kennedy family members say the secrecy needs to end.

Vital: ‘Step it up or step out’: Dem lawmaker gives Merrick Garland ultimatum on...

Gallego criticized Garland not just for failing to go after former Trump officials but also going easy on the Capitol rioters who stormed the building on January 6th.

Obesity and other poor diet-poor health issues invited more Covid deaths

The same week British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care for Covid-19, two studies came out identifying obesity as a significant risk factor for serious illness and death.

U.S., EU resolve dispute over Trump’s steel and aluminum duties

Jim W. Dean - If Biden comes back with a 'pretend-a-deal' on the steel trade and tries to sell that as a big win, the Repubs could eat him alive on Virginia election day.

Crimetown USA – The city that fell in love with the mob.

The only sign of the killers was an artistic flourish: the dozen long-stemmed white roses victims often received just before they vanished.

Hezbollah MP: Saudi Arabia seeking revenge on Lebanon for Yemen war loss

The country that lost the war now intends to avenge its defeat against Lebanon since Lebanon stood by the oppressed nation that has been under invasion for eight years and whose country has been destroyed amid attempts by some parties to make it surrender.

GOP Procurer: How Larry Nassar was able to ‘go pedo’ with tons of political...

Larry Nassar partied for years with GOP elites, part of the pedophile ring exposed under Bush, that fed teens into Washington's pedophile party scene where preachers and politicians, along with MAGA/MEGA billionaires, partied and murdered kids for decades and it goes on every day, and not under a pizza restaurant according to an official investigator who has come forward for VT.

Biden to warn Turkey’s Erdogan against ‘precipitous’ actions

U.S. President Joe Biden will warn Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan during a meeting on Sunday that any precipitous actions would not benefit U.S.-Turkish relations and that crises should be avoided, a U.S. official said on Saturday.

Blockbuster: The seedy crimes of the obscenely rich are routinely ignored

The heads of the country's biggest corporate firms almost never face investigation and prosecution by the federal government for using insider information on the stock market

NEO – Laos: From Landlocked to High-Speed Rail-Linked

Jim W. Dean - Chinese engineers have much experience in building and operating bullet trains and all the infrastructure that goes with them, and at a far lower cost than we ever could.

FFWN: Night of the Living Vaxxed

Legions of brainwashed undead are roaming around shrieking “must eat unvaxxed brains!”

Sturgeon Smacked!

Nicola ‘von’ Sturgeon has been given a severe smack by the United Kingdom Supreme Court! In an astonishingly correct judgment, no offense intended, the Supreme Court has struck down two purported acts of the Scottish Parliament... Each measure, purportedly passed in March, amounted to a calculated attack upon the Sovereignty of the Imperial Parliament at Westminster.

Republicans go full Brownshirt on America – submit or die, politically

Jim W. Dean - I have some of the highlights below, which the Republi-Nazis just turn upside down to re-interpret left to mean right, and up to mean down.

No Natural Immunity? Federal government releases coronavirus reports that destroy right wing talking points...

RawStory: The federal government on Friday quietly released two reports that together destroy many right wing conspiracy theories and talking points on the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Russian military trains to overwhelm air attackers with massive defensive barrages

Operators were required to detect, identify and intercept over 40 practice targets, according to the ministry report. The ones that simulated ballistic missiles diving from an altitude of over 150km were met with S-300 missile fire.

Saudis with world’s 2nd largest army beg US to be saved from…Yemen

A report reveals that Saudi Arabia has turned to the United States to seek help in strengthening its missile interception systems, as the kingdom, which has been leading a protracted war on Yemen, remains unable to protect its soil against its southern neighbor’s retaliatory air raids.

How dietary supplements bamboozled America

BY CONOR HEFFERNAN Spend any time watching television or scrolling through social media, and you’ll inevitably see advertisements for pills, powders and potions that promise to grow...

Breaking/Exclusive 2021.13 There is Evidence Someone is Attacking the US with Deadly Levels...

TOP 10 GAMMA RAD READINGS IN US of A   In prehistoric times giant Pterodactyls leisurely made the modern day Hanford, Washington to Billings, Montana run....

In first public testimony, Guantanamo detainee details brutal CIA torture in ‘black sites’

Press TV: A former Guantánamo Bay prisoner and survivor of the US government’s brutal torture program has for the first time given a detailed...

Why are our universities so easily duped into terrorizing their own academics?

UK universities are falling like ninepins to the warped and deceitful influence of the pro-Israel lobby. Bristol and Glasgow are the latest UK universities to renege on freedom of expression after caving in to Zionist bullying.

Institute of International Peace Leaders

Introduction: IIPL Peace and Cultural Award Who we are? Institute of International Peace Leaders – IIPL established in October, 2019 is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-political, and...

New CDC Study Proves Natural Immunity to COVID is Weak and Unreliable Compared to...

The study's scientists noted their findings differed from a recent study in Israel that was released as a preprint and has yet to be peer-reviewed. That study suggested Israelis with "natural immunity" from a previous case of the virus appeared to have "longer lasting and stronger protection" against a reinfection. That study has now been shown to be deeply flawed.

Zero Hour as Turkey Deploys Heavy Army against Syria and Russia

On October 27th and 28th, the Turkish military deployed reinforcements in the northwestern and northeastern regions of Syria. The reinforcements included M60 Sabra MK II main battle tanks, ACV-15 armored personnel carrier and other military equipment. These are significant deployments, and a strong indication of the chaos that’s coming.

Breaking: Lebanese President formally asks Russia for satellite images of alleged nuclear attack on...

President Aoun formally asked the Russian ambassador to inform his country of Lebanon's desire to obtain satellite images of the day of the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut.

Ten Worst U.S. Presidents

Lincoln gave us the imperial presidency; Wilson gave us globalism; F.D.R. gave us socialism; L.B.J. gave us welfarism, gun control, and cowardly churches; and G.W. Bush gave us a burgeoning Police State, perpetual war, and Neocons.

Texas: Audi Driving Muslim, MBA from Prestigious School, Shot Down by Redneck as ‘Robber’

Guardian: Controversial laws in Texas that can effectively allow homeowners to kill people coming on to their property are to be thrown into the spotlight after the shocking case of a Moroccan man who was shot dead after pulling over in the driveway of a San Antonio-area house, possibly because he was lost.

‘Almost schizophrenic’: Judge Beryl Howell rips DOJ approach to Jan. 6 prosecutions

Jim W. Dean - What the DoJ is creating is an 'Insurrection Two' in 2024, where these January 6 people are all front line campaign celebrities being used to put Trump back in.

Lebanon electricity crises agreement: Jordan supplies via Syria

The electricity ministers of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan concluded their meeting that aims to supply Lebanon with energy from Jordan through Syria by the end of the year.

Exclusive: Saakashvili and the Garbage Heap of International Hucksters that is Georgia

Saakashvili is trouble, and as long as he sits in Georgia he serves the purpose of a “freak show” – like a circus for low-level entertainment, not even as good B grade Indian movie. He knew he would be detained here, what he was hoping for by returning here?

Yemen: Houthis Nearing Major Victory

Yemen’s Ansar Allah are inching closer to Ma’rib city with each passing day.

VT is Right Again – Putin views EU gas customers a strategic partnership

Jim W. Dean - Did Putin insist the EU drop its sanctions before he opened up the gas lines to kill the high price surge? No, he did not.

Singing Lemurs Join Humans in Possession of Rhythm

This discovery builds on the ‘evolutionary tree’ of how human musicality came to be

FDA Recommends Pfizer Vaccine for Children 5 to11

The lower-dose vaccine was deemed safe and highly effective at preventing symptomatic Covid-19 infections in young children

Democrats finally release the outline of their greatly reduced budget

Jim W. Dean - Up until now, the Dems have been a circular firing squad, with the far left seeming like they are brain dead to the reality of the razor thin margin they have to pass ANYTHING.

SDF: Statement Regarding Turkey’s Accusations And Lies To Public Opinion

Every day, the Turkish occupation shells with heavy weapons the perimeter of the occupied areas in northern Syria, targeting the residents and their property....

NEO – The Dangerous truth about what we Aren’t Allowed to Know

With millions dead and a world economy shattered, the truth about COVID 19 isn’t getting closer, it’s getting further away, buried by politics, shrouded in lies.

The USA repeats the history of the collapse of the USSR

During Gorbachev's time in the USSR, food was destroyed in huge quantities.

Beirut Shootings: How Western Media Manipulation Hides the Murky Hand of US Imperialism

The recent attack against protesters in Beirut bore all the hallmarks of a US-backed intervention, and it doesn’t take much digging to find the links between the murky hand of Washington and the dark forces behind the bloodshed on the streets and a cover-up by a compliant western media.

Lavrov: Russia Concerned by US Aspiration to Deploy Missiles in Asia Pacific

Russia is concerned over US’ aspiration to deploy short-and intermediate-range missiles in Europe and the Asia-Pacific, Sergey Lavrov said at a press conference following talks with his South Korean counterpart Chung Eui-yong on Wednesday.

Pakistan’s new anti-aircraft missile likely to be deployed in Syria”

Designed to hit low level planes launching missiles at long distances against soft/civilian targets...typically the terror attacks by Israel on Damascus qualify...missiles fired from over defenseless Lebanon...