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Enric Marco—another Holocaust fraud

At the end of World War II, some Jewish scholars asserted that “at least 10 million Chinese were dead and 60 million left homeless. Four million Indonesians were either killed by the Japanese or died of hunger, disease, or lack of medical attention; and other Asian countries suffered similar losses."

Daily Mail: Israel is “the leader in assassinations”

Israel will violate the laws of any country in order to get their dirty work done. The blatant contradiction is that former Nazi Otto Skorzeny worked for the Mossad! Why didn’t they kill him?

Blockbuster: Jacob Schiff, the Jewish Father of Hitler and the Holocaust?

When our research teams, tracing the real financing of Hitler, got behind the screen, got behind the Bush and Rockefeller and Harriman cash that financed Nazi Germany, we found one man above all others, Jacob Schiff.

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

Monika Schaefer: “The six-million lie is pernicious because it is the foundational lie for the rogue state of Israel, and it is also the foundational lie for how the occupied state of Germany is currently structured."

Holocaust Museums Are Monkey Business

When will the Holocaust establishment have some intellectual honesty to build some kind of museum for those who were raped after the brutal war? Or how about the peasants during the Soviet terror? Who will speak for those people?

Grandma, please do not ask good questions about Nazi Germany

“The Holocaust is self-evident, after all: everyone knows that six million Jews were gassed, above all in Auschwitz. And yet, precisely in the past twenty to twenty-five years this claim has become ever more questionable.

Steven Spielberg: Holocaust education should be mandatory

The Holocaust establishment is intellectually and historically deteriorating. The reason is simple: you either ally with the truth or the truth will eventually break you.

Poland to Israeli minister: Please, stay home

...by Jonas E. Alexis Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister, was told that he is not welcome in Poland. Bennett himself admitted: “The...

Poland Rises Against the Holocaust Establishment (updated)

...by Jonas E. Alexis Editor's note:  In 2006, Carol and I spent the holidays in Germany as we often did.  After leaving Berlin, I tried...

The Trial of Monika Schaefer and Sylvia Stolz

Monika’s incarceration actually offers the Jews the opportunity to prove their possible innocence and good intentions by simply getting her out of prison

Washington Post: “Five myths about Nazis”

...by Jonas E. Alexis   Thomas Childers is “the recently retired Sheldon and Lucy Hackney professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania.” He has recently...

The Khazarian Bankster Cult: Ernst Zundel “Deserved Agony”

Zundel never wrote the booklet "The Hitler We Loved and Why." “Nor did he publish it," says Ingrid Rimland.

Ernst Zundel, the man who destroyed the Holocaust industry, died

The gas chamber controversy again became an issue that refused to go away in 1985 when Raul Hilberg was summoned to testify at the trial of Ernst Zundel.

The Holocaust Establishment Is Attacking Richard Wagner for Illegitimate Reasons

"Professional historians ought not to surrender their territory so easily. We must do our best to raise the public awareness of the past in all its richness and complexity."

Mass-Murdering Clown Winston Churchill and Independence Day

Churchill: “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes. The moral effect should be so good that the loss of life should be reduced to a minimum.”

The Holocaust Hoax is the Indispensable Centerpiece for the Khazarian Mafia

Almost no one understands that the Holocaust Hoax is the indispensable Centerpiece of the New World Order. Without this lie, the Khazarian Mafia would have a very difficult time enslaving the population of the world through the coming One World Government.

Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust “deniers” are “conspiracy theorists”

Deborah Lipstadt has also used the Holocaust to beat the goyim over the head, but people across the religious and political spectrum are waking up, and this is a bad sign for Lipstadt and her brethren.

Just a matter of (quasi) Semitic semantics, after all?

Jewish Holocaust historian Tim Cole of the University of Bristol: “‘Shoah [Hebrew for Holocaust] business’ is big business…[In] the twentieth century, the ‘Holocaust’ is being bought and sold."

Ivanka plans to “mourn Holocaust victims”–but not Russian or Palestinian victims

Charles Krauthammer: “It has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust."

Joseph Mengele: The Creation of a Myth

The last thing a serious historian or scholar wants to do when investigating historical or scientific descriptions is to reject or embrace an alternative view without careful thought and much evidence.

The Holocaust replaces Golgotha with Auschwitz

If your identity is located in the so-called Holocaust, then whenever a person does not emphasis the Holocaust too much, you get paranoid.

Degenerate Art Before and After Nazi Germany in Berlin

History is what happened, not what we wished had happened.

What The Holocaust Establishment will Never Say About Anne Frank

VT Investigates asking what really happened to Anne Frank and what role did Otto Frank play?

Did Hitler Foresee the New World Order?

If the general impression of politicians in a so-called Democracy as ‘traitors to the people’ is a reversion to totalitarianism, how did the leader of the National Socialist Movement rate Democracy?

Denying Denial

The movie Denial is the Holocaust Establishment’s latest insult to the intelligence of the public.

Thinking about the “Holocaust” is a crime

The “ruling elite” pretends that the lies are truth. Their decisions are based on pretending that the lies are truth.

Holocaust is an ideological (not historical) phenomenon for the Khazarian Mafia

The Holocaust has been transmogrified into a secular religion, if there can be such a thing.

The Fall of the Holocaust Lie and the Rise of Truth...

Only with truth can we achieve peace. Only by confronting the lies can we bring down the monstrosity of deceptions which bring us endless wars and endless destruction and endless turmoil.

The “Six-Million Killed” Lie — The Hoax of the Twentieth...

The late Christopher Hitchens was wright in saying that the Holocaust has becomes “a secular religion, with state support in the form of a national museum.

Is the “Six-Million Killed” Lie the Biggest Hoax of the Twentieth...

VT takes on the investigation to determine how many actually died and was it actually 6 million.

Challenging Holocaust Narrative in Netherlands Is Legal

There is no law in the Netherlands which explicitly forbids “holocaust denial”, such as exists in Germany and on which grounds Germar Rudolf became nothing less than a political prisoner in modern day Germany.

CSI-Style Evidence Against the Holocaust Industry

What is being contested is the premeditated and systematic mass murder of millions of individuals, at least half of them in chemical slaughterhouses called gas chambers, while the rest is said to have been simply shot.

Logic and Reason Can and Will Destroy the Holocaust Establishment

It is typical for people who have run out of arguments, or who are too lazy to muster convincing arguments, to resort to ad hominem attacks.

Occam’s Razor Destroys the Holocaust Industry

Jewish historian Tim Cole: "Shoah [Hebrew for Holocaust] business’ is big business."

Joseph Hirt–Another Holocaust Fraud

The Holocaust Industry will never cease to attract people who want to make a name for themselves and people who want to resurrect a rotten corpse.

Is Peter Singer an Intellectual Psychopath and a Nazi?

Peter Singer’s entire philosophical project proves that Kant was right all along: you cannot dodge practical reason and still remain a rational human being.

Israeli General Yair Golan: Israel Is Acting Like Nazis

"There is nothing easier than to hate those who are different; there is nothing easier than to sow fear and terror; there is nothing easier than to behave like animals."

The Intellectual Death of Anti-Semitism

Gerard Menuhin: "Ashkenazi Jews (90% of modern Jewry) are commonly agreed to descend from 8th century Khazars."

The Holocaust Establishment Fails Yet Again

Historians like Ian Kershaw have locked themselves into a corner and as a result are unable to dissect the good, the bad, and the ugly of National Socialism without falling into their own trap.