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Russia and NWO square off in Venezuela

When New World Order agents were destroying one country after another in the Middle East, Vladimir Putin was writing things down on paper. By 2007, he declared that the war in Iraq was a “pointless” battle which literally destroyed the livelihood of the Iraqi people.

NWO and its puppets are mad, sad, and insane

Blood suckers perpetually said Saddam was corrupt, therefore they had to destroy Iraq. Gaddafi was corrupt, therefore they had to kill him mercilessly. Bashar al-Assad is corrupt and was killing his own people, therefore the United States had to send thousands upon thousands of soldiers to support the rebels/terrorists. Thanks to Russia, Assad is still in power and is serving his country.

NY Times: US lied about Maduro Burning Aid Convoy

Dialogue invokes practical reason implicitly. And when practical reason is excluded from any political or intellectual project, then contradiction, blatant dishonesty, illogical leaps, and sometimes deliberate deceptions and categorical lies would be the end result. That is one reason why New World Order agents cannot stand dialogue and practical reason.

Russia to NWO: So, you want regime change in Venezuela?

President Maduro: “The US wants Venezuela’s oil and they are willing to go to war for that oil. They are trying to fabricate a crisis to justify political escalation and a military intervention to Venezuela.”

New World Order lies about Venezuela—again

...by Jonas E. Alexis If you have been living on a steady diet of fake news perpetuated by the New World Order, then you are...

Dialogues on New World Order in Venezuela and Capitalism

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Our way must be: never knowingly support lies! Having understood where the lies begin—step back from that gangrenous edge! "

Tulsi Gabbard kills New World Order bloodbath in thirty seconds

“We must stand up against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in their ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage, new places for people to die, wasting trillions of our taxpayer dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives and undermining our economy, our security, and destroying our middle class.”

Tech Support for Hacked Minds: Psychological Terrorism-A Brave New World Order

Mainstream Media is an instrument of propaganda constructed in the early 20th century to produce pointed, manipulated information and disinformation

New World Order War on Free Speech Continues

The New World Order essentially has many tentacles which warp around the face of humanity. Its main goal and purpose is to subvert the moral and political order and replace it with something dark and evil, thereby creating a world in which logic and reason become obsolete.

The Deep State and NWO Agents want to obliterate Yemen

“What is happening to Syria, to Korea, to Iran, to Russia, and maybe to Venezuela now, aims at re-imposing American hegemony on the world because they believe that this hegemony is under threat now, which consequently threatens the interests of American economic and political elites.”

Mark Dankof on Ultimate Goal of New World Order

My German-American forefathers living in the United States were subjected to both demonization and in some cases, illegitimate incarceration, during the two Zionist-inspired World Wars. The actions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in placing Japanese-Americans in detention camps after Pearl Harbor 77 years ago, is also a matter of record.

In support of Dr. Mujahid Kamran, Pakistan’s leading academic voice of...

Dr. Kamran does not work on nuclear bombs. Instead, he hurls truth bombs.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Zio New World Order lie

Together, we must unite in complete resolve to defeat a Global Zionist Beast which has as its foundation a cancerous Culturally Marxist, fascist Multi-National Corporate Conglomeration held together by its coercive Central Banks, accompanied by a desire to destroy anyone and anything in its path. With our unequivocal resolve, we can and will annihilate them.

What is Behind “Russiagate”?

The US military industrial complex (MIC) eats about one trillion dollars from the US kitty every year...

John Bolton: NWO can no longer produce regime change in Iran

There is no need for the United States to get involved in a “cold war” with Iran. Iran is not the country the United States needs to fear.

Communism, the Rothschilds, and the Central Banking Cartel

Mankind is doomed as long as these bankers control society. What is the remedy? Nationalize the central banks, repudiate debts created from nothing, break up cartels, especially Hollywood and the media, and institute strict public campaign financing.

Stephen F. Cohen: Russiagate Is Ideologically Dead

“The orthodox, consensual, political media establishment view is that only Putin is to blame. We are completely innocent. We never did a single thing in the 25 years since the end of the Soviet Union to bring about a cold war. That isn’t true. But if we try to discuss it…then comes the cries, ‘Puppet of the Kremlin, agent of Putin.’”

Worst Deal of the Century as Dual-Citizen Traitors offer Palestine “Fair...

How can US Senators and Congresspeople who swear an oath to serve and protect the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American people also legally, and with a good conscience, hold a dual citizenship with Israel?

New World Order: QUOTES from the Notorious, Infamous and Politically...

Through tutoring, speaking, articles, debates and general argument, I have always found that original quoted statements have the most powerful impact.

No War in Asia for New World Order Agents

The CIA propaganda film The Interview didn’t bring down Kim Jung-un. The Zionist regime, in that sense, has received a low blow. Bad news for them, good news for us.

Price of US Global Dominance – Numerous Human Losses

Problem involving mentally and physically healthy recruits can be solved either by external aggression or global financial collapse

TCK Live Call In Show w/ Deborah Tavares “5G, Smart Cities...

Special guest Deborah Tavares joins me to discuss weather wars, water wars, frequency wars, smart meters.

World War 3: Cabalists Planning to Dump the Goyim Again?

Jewish Neocon Jonah Goldberg: “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business."

Fiendish Falsifier: Antichrist Will Starve People To Death

By Eric Gajewski If you are following this apostolate you should know by now just how close we are to the economic collapse. This economic...

Putin: New World Order “more dangerous than nuclear bomb”

...by Jonas E. Alexis We have argued elsewhere that the New World Order’s most enduring legacy is contempt for morality and what Immanuel Kant calls...

Did Trump just dump the New World Order and ally with...

...by Jonas E. Alexis I must give Trump some credit at least once for explicitly dumping New World Order agents and for showing a willingness...

Russia and Iran vs. The New World Order

...by Jonas E. Alexis Peace is a frightening thing for New World Order agents, Neocon ideologues, and Zionist puppets. They freak out whenever they hear...

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Israel is dragging US to World War III

...by Jonas E. Alexis Former Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson has recently taken the cat right out of the bag by saying that Israel is actually dragging...

New World Order Criminal Syndicate in Syria

...by Jonas E. Alexis If you don’t think that there is a criminal syndicate out there which vows to destroy the moral and political order,...

Lindsey Graham wants blood, but he ain’t gonna get it

...by Jonas E. Alexis If you think that New World Order agent Lindsey seeks to drink the blood of North Koreans, you are not crazy....

Putin to US: “Come Back to Earth”

...by Jonas E. Alexis Why is Russia always on the news? Why have New World Order agents in the United States incessantly targeted Russia? Why...

Terrorism and the United States of America

“CIA officers and their political bosses are never punished for engaging in terrorism. As we recently learned, they even get away with planting explosives in a Virginia school bus..."

New York Times Destroys New World Order Ideology

...by Jonas E. Alexis The New York Times, a thoroughly Zionist outlet, has recently decimated the New World Order ideology by admitting that the United...

New World Order Agents Lie About Syria—Again

Will people of reason pay attention to those psychopaths? Will they eventually forge another coup in Syria?

What New World Order Agents Won’t Tell You About Vladimir Putin...

...by Jonas E. Alexis Do you know why New World Order agents and the Neocon superstructure hate Russia and its leaders, particularly Vladimir Putin? Do...

Where The “New World Order” Goes Wrong

By Eric Gajewski By now Catholics should understand the master plan of these Luciferian freaks. If you don’t here is a quick recap. They don’t...

ReTread: Dark Secrets of the Wizards of Oz and Your...

(2,356 views before 2019 VT website reset) Editor's note:  If you feel you are living in a Skinner Box, and that thought has only come...

Why Putin and Assad Defeated Satanism in Syria with Introduction

Editor's note:  VT runs study groups, some for years.  Between us, many are historians, biblical scholars, even archaeologists.  I am going to be up...

Will Russia Continue to Challenge the New World Order?

...by Jonas E. Alexis and Dmitry Orlov Dmitry Orlov was born and raised in Leningrad, USSR and immigrated to the United States in the mid-seventies....

General Robert Neller to US troops: Expect “a big-ass fight” against...

...by Jonas E. Alexis “I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” said General Robert Neller to his US troops stationed in Norway. “You're...