But the President had not said enough. Warmed up, perhaps by audience contact, and flushed with the prospect of victory, which was enhanced by a decision of the organized leftists to swing after the opinion polls closed from Wallace to Truman, he swallowed the Israel cause, line, sinker and hook—the hook being never thereafter removed. Here from the New York Times of Oct. 29, 1948, is Warren Moscow‘s story:

President Truman made his strongest pro-Israel declaration last night. Speaking at Madison Square Garden to more than 16,000 persons brought there under the auspices of the Liberal Party, the President ignored the Bernadotte Report and pledged himself to see that the new State of Israel be large enough, free enough, and strong enough to make its people self-supporting and secure.

The President continuued:

What we need now is to help the people of Israel and they‘ve proved themselves in the best traditions of hardy pioneers. They have created a modern and efficient state with the highest standards of Western civilization.

In view of the Zionist record of eliminating the Arab natives of Palestine, continuous bombings, and the murder of the United Nations mediator, hardly cold in his grave, Mr. Truman owes the American people a documented explanation of his conception of best traditions and highest standards of Western civilization.

Indeed, our bi-partisan endorsement of Zionist aggression in Palestine, in bidding for the electoral vote of New York, is one of the most reprehensible actions in world history.

The Soviet-supplied Jewish troops which seized Palestine had no rights ever before recognized in law or custom except the right of triumphant tooth and claw (see The Zionist Illusion, by Prof. W. T. Stace of Princeton University, Atlantic Monthly, February, 1947).

In the first place the Khazar Zionists from Soviet Russia were not descended from the people of Hebrew religion in Palestine, ancient or modern, and thus not being descended from Old Testament People (The Lost Tribes, by Allen H. Godbey, Duke University Press, Durham, N.C., 1930, pp. 257, 301, and passim), they have no Biblical claim to Palestine.

Their claim to the country rests solely on their ancestors‘ having adopted a form of the religion of a people who ruled there eighteen hundred and more years before (Chapter II, above). This claim is thus exactly as valid as if the same or some other horde should claim the United States in 3350 A.D. on the basis of having adopted the religion of the American Indian! For another comparison, the 3,500,000 Catholics of China (Time, July 2, 1951) have as much right to the former Papal states in Italy as these Judaized Khazars have to Palestine! (Bible students are referred to the Apocalypse, The Revelation of St. John the Divine, Chapter II, Verse 9.)

Moreover, the statistics of both land-ownership and population stand heavily against Zionist pretensions. At the close of the first World War, there were about 55,000 Jews in Palestine, forming eight percent of the population. Between 1922 and 1941, the Jewish population of Palestine increased by approximately

380,000, four-fifths of this being due to immigration. This made the Jews 31 percent of the total population (East and West of Suez, by John S. Badeau, Foreign Policy Association, 1943, p. 46). Even after hordes from Soviet and satellite lands had poured in, and when the United Nations was working on the Palestine problem, the best available statistics showed non-Jews owning more land than Jews in all sixteen of the county size subdivisions of Palestine and outnumbering the Jews in population in fifteen of the sixteen subdivisions (UN Presentations 574, and 573, November, 1947).

The anti-Communist Arab population of the world was understandably terrified by the arrival of Soviet-equipped troops in its very center, Palestine, and was bitter at the presence among them, despite President Roosevelt‘s promise to Ibn Saud, of Americans with military training. How many U.S. army personnel, reserve, retired, or on leave, secretly participated is not known. Robert Conway, writing from Jerusalem on January 19, 1948, said:

More than 2,000 Americans are already serving in Haganah, the Jewish Defense Army, highly placed deplomatic sources revealed today. Conway stated further that a survey convinced the Jewish agency that 5,000 Americans are determined to come to fight for the Jewish state even if the U.S. government imposes loss of citizenship upon such volunteers. The expected number was 50,000 if no law on forfeiting citizenship was passed by the U.S. Congress (N.Y. News cable in Washington Times-Herald, January 20, 1948).

Among Americans who cast their lot with Israel was David Marcus, a West Point graduate and World War II colonel. Col. Marcus‘s service with the Israeli army was not revealed to the public until he was killed fighting with Israeli forces near Jerusalem in June, 1948. At the dedication of a Brooklyn memorial to Colonel Marcus a letter from President Truman . . . extoled the heroic roles played by Colonel Marcus in two wars (New York Times, Oct. 11, 1948). At the time of his death, Colonel Marcus was Supreme commander of Israeli military forces on the Jerusalem front (AP dispatch, Washington Evening Star June 12, 1948).

The Arab vote in the united States is negligible as the Zionist vote is not and after the acceptance of Israel by the UN the American government recognized as a sovereign state the new nation whose soil was fertilized by the blood of many people of many nationalities from the lowly Arab peasant to the royal Swedish United Nations, mediator. You can‘t shoot your way into the United Nations,said Warren Austin, U.S. Delegate to the UN, speaking of Communist China on January 24, 1951 (Broadcasts of CBS and NBC). Mr. Austin must have been suffering from a lapse of memory, for that is exactly what Israel did!

Though the vote of Arabs and other Moslem peoples is negligible in the United States, the significance of these Moslem peoples is not negligible in the world (see the map entitled ―The Moslem Block on p. 78 of Badeau‘s East of Suez). Nor is their influence negligible in the United Nations. The friendly attitude of the United States toward Israel‘s bloody extension of her boundaries and other acts already referred to was effectively analyzed on the radio (NBC Network, January 8, 1951) by the distinguished philosopher and Christian (so stated by the introducer, John McVane), Dr, Charles Malik, Lebanese Delegate to the United Nations and Minister of Lebanon to the United States. Dr. Charles Malik of Lebanon is not to be confused
with Mr. Jacob (Jakkov, Yakop) Malik, Soviet Delegate with Andrei Y. Vishinsky to the 1950 General Assembly of the United Nations (The United Nations—Action for Peace, by Marie and Louis Zocca, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, N. J., 1951).



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  1. “The Khazarian Mafia” shtick was debunked on this very site via ‘2000-Year-Old’ Luciferian Torahs found in a 2000-year-old Syrian synagogue. ~700 years before the alleged ‘mass conversion’!
    Knowing how strong religious brainwashing is, do you really think the latter would have even been possible?

    Folks, please stop smearing Russians with this “Khazarian Mafia” baloney, debunked by DNA tests alone.
    Perhaps you might also look at the DNST3 gene issues Jews share with Africans and Mexicans!
    How in the heck did African Jewfro, Schizo and ‘Titanic T*t’ genes get to Russia?


    The quote that I gave above in my last post, as it turns out may not actually be a true quote from Theodor Herzl. I thought in error that the web site where I found this quote was trusted for giving the truth.

    Here is another web site that disagrees with the truth of this translated quote:


    The web address that is given below is where I first found this possible error quote. The quote is given close to the top of the web page and has a picture of Herzl.



    I believe that what Herzl was talking about in the above, is that at his time and until the 1940’s most Jews were anti-Zionist because they were successful in their businesses and had no interest in the very undeveloped land of Zion Israel that was occupied for a long time by other people who were not Jews.

    But by 1945, as Herzl predicted, the majority of the world Jews were successfully converted to being pro-Zionist, by the Jewish persecutions as Herzl prescribed, and as the majority of the world Jews remains pro-Zionist still today.

    The Jewish Zionist could never have taken over the control of the land of Israel without the help and support of the majority of the world Jews, therefore the world Jews needed to be converted to aggressive pro-Zionists.

  4. The Jews of the world are now celerbrating their Passover, which represents God’s miracle remedy for other people making slaves of the Jews, and freeing the Jewish from slavery as happened in Egypt.

    But in the Passover Seder celerbration, should it be mentioned that the eleven brothers of Joseph sold Joseph into slavery, and that the Jews still today have no Jewish personal inner remedy to prevent this slavery problem as with Joseph ?

    Another example is in the writings of the Jewish Zionist Theodore Herzl where he states in his writings as follows ‘to hurt the Jews’:

    “It is essential that the sufferings
    of Jews become worse. This will
    assist in realization of our plans,
    I have an excellent plan. I shall
    induce anti-semites to liquidate
    Jewish wealth. The anti-semites
    will assist us thereby in that they
    will strenghten the persecution
    and oppression of Jews.
    The anti-semites shall be our
    best friends.

    Theodor Herzl in his diaries”

  5. J Edgar Hoover = J E Hovah ( Subconsciously ) = JEHOVAH

    Israel became a country in 1948, Hoover was with the FBI for 48 years.

  6. Wow I’m upset that I’ve never read this book. Must read! I’m dropping all other research and reading this. Thanx Gordon.

  7. But the author was not aware at the time(many weren’t) that J.Edgar Hoover was owned by the demons.
    I always recommend Douglas Reed and Antony Sutton’s books, along with Carrol Quigley and Gary Allen-

  8. 👍 i will save this article for my evening. If our esteemed editors-in-chief will let me get to reading this article. Because they churn out a bunch of articles every day like from an aviation machine gun. I’ve already abandoned all my business on vacation, I only read VT. I will soon be covered with cobwebs and moss 😂

  9. No time to read running sentences and Books each american writes over his view of thing, short msg if not possible close the VT !

  10. “Many authors of books on the current world scene have been White House confidants”

    In French if the person is a she confidente with an e at the end is used. Given that its use here is not gender defined I’m wondering if that former director of special events at Vogue Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has any dirt of that fat POS who wants to peddle again.

  11. I just watched “Dragon Worshipping, Blood Consuming, Human Sacrificing, Luciferian Blood Lines rule the world, This is the Deep State”. This is interwoven into this article also.

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