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Naming the Enemy: Google

There are varying mechanisms of control put into place that is turning earth into a slave planet. One organization above all is out of control, malevolent beyond imaginings and totally "in our faces" continually.

Mossad Chief: Israel Spying on Iran

Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen has recently declared that “We have eyes and ears, even in Iran.

Mossad and SITE Intelligence Inadvertently Confess to Commanding ISIS


Weinstein and the Mossad: Less Than the Whole Story

The current Hollywood witch hunt over sexual harassment is totally out of hand and there is a reason for it.

Haaretz: “Trump Revealed Israeli Commando and Mossad Operation in Syria to...

...by Jonas E. Alexis   Oh, boy. Trouble is already brewing. If Haaretz is right in reporting that “Trump revealed Israeli commando and Mossad operation to...

‘Mossad Agent’ Sentenced to Death: Who’s Targeting Iran’s Nuclear Scientists?

Editor's note: Killings began after Jared Cohen toured Iran.  Cohen now heads the regime change machine, "Jigsaw," funded by Israeli controlled tech giants.  They...

Harvey Weinstein hired Mossad agents in 2016 to destroy Rose McGown

  ...by Jonas E. Alexis The New Yorker has recently spilled the Hollywood beans by reporting that the much-debated Weinstein hired Mossad agents to continue his...

Barcelona and Cambrils Attacks: Again and Again, Mossad Targets Europe

The latest terror attacks in Spain cannot be seen in isolation. There is an interrelationship of the terrorism-related attacks in the US, Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen etc., and elsewhere in the world, which are part of the double game of the US, Israel and India who are in connivance with ISIL to seek revenge against Russia and the Muslims.

Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy?

Was Warmbier an Israeli spy? Who knows, but it is likely that someone in North Korea thought he was.

Wikileaks Suppressed, Mossad ran 9/11 Arab “hijacker” Terrorist Operation

Gordon Duff - While Julian Assange insists all investigations into 9/11 and Israel are "a waste of time," we find the "keys to the kingdom," particularly when added to VT's own work, in, of all places, WikiLeaks own files.

Why Did the Al-Jazeera Expose Fail?

Mark Regev should now be expelled from the UK and the matter must be investigated by MI5.

The Plot Against Britain…

Is it mere coincidence that the Jewish state and Jewish organisations such as AIPAC, LFI, JDL, and JVP are, time after time, caught red-handed, plotting and conspiring against other people’s regimes and political institutions?

PressTV: Trump’s Nazi Supporters Aghast as Mossad Chief Joins Trump Transition...

  The director of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, has secretly met with US President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, according to reports. The meeting took place...

World better not pry into how we decide to pull trigger...

Jim W. Dean - It's always a treat to get an interview with these ex-Mossad chiefs, as they have a history of being outspoken, which we rarely see among the Western retirees.

“Wikileaks is the Mossad, Stupid, Not the Russians, We are playing...

In a John Pilger Special, to be exclusively broadcast by RT on Saturday courtesy of Dartmouth Films, whistleblower Julian Assange categorically denied that the troves of US Democratic Party and Clinton work and staff emails released this year have come from the Russian government.

Former C.I.A. specialist Philip Giraldi: the 9/11 narrative needs revision

The 9/11 attack was almost certainly another Pearl Harbor, which is to say that the government almost certainly had it coming.

Uri Avnery – Civil War

Jim W. Dean - Uri gives us another classic below, a home run exposé of the huge fault lines in Israeli-Zionist society, which includes its take-no-prisoners approach toward the opposition, where the end justifies the means, in all cases.

Israeli Mossad agents to infiltrate Turkey protecting Israel-Turkey gas pipeline; say...

Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Minister of Energy in a 'top-secret letter' to Yossi Cohen, the infamous director of the Mossad, expressed his concerns over the security of Israel-Turkey pipeline —which exports Israeli natural gas through Turkey— , pleading for Mossad's urgent measures inside Turkish territories to protect the strategic pipeline which has great importance for Israel's energy future.

Mossad false-flag terrorist Gutjahr “accidentally deleted” his Munich photos

One of the clumsiest cover-ups in history may take down the Israeli Mossad Department of False Flag Operations.

Michelle and the Bin Laden Studios

For years, SITE Intelligence, a Mossad front, turned out phony video and audio tapes where Osama bin Laden, even years after his death, confessed to nearly any imaginable crime including kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.

Nice/Munich terror suspect Einat Wilf linked to false-flag-loving WINEP

These false flag terrorists, drunk on chutzpah, don't even bother to wipe their fingerprints off the murder weapons.

Some State Actors behind the Munich Shooting

The Munich shooting cannot be seen in isolation, as it is part of the other terror attacks, especially of the recent past, which occurred in Europe and the US. Some state actors who were behind those terror assaults are also behind the Munich shooting.

BREAKING! Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice AND NOW MUNICH

What are the odds that a guy with the background of Richard Gutjahr – married to a leading Israeli black operator – would "just happen to be there" to film the very beginning of the Nice truck attack AND today's shooting at the Olympia Mall in Munich, Germany?

Debunking the 28 Pages, Top Secret 9/11 Document Revealed

Sadly the 28 pages don't provide answers, however we at VT can and have fulfilled that role in the 9-11 investigation - if only the right people in power actually cared enough to act.

MK-Ultra Triple Play in Orlando (Updated)

What is the number one goal of the Khazarian Mafia in America right now, as ordered by the Select Few wrinkled-up criminal psychopaths in wheelchairs who are nearing the end of their lives?

US-led Countries’ Conflicting Interests Deteriorate Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations?

Paying full attention to the Syrian crisis, Western media and their viewers have, perhaps, forgotten the South Asia where the conflicting interests of the US-led countries and entities like the secret agencies are deteriorating Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations which are equally essential for the regional and global interests of their countries like Syria.

Former Mossad chief: End is near for ‘fearmonger’ Netanyahu’s govt

Jim W. Dean - Old men will often speak the truth as they near the end of their lives, and get more sick of the lies they see all around them, including those they participated in during their working careers.

Qatar and UK to seal a defensive pact

Khalid bin Al Attiyah, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has traveled to London where he signed a joint defense agreement with Michael Fallon, the British Secretary of State for Defense.

Mossad Officers Tense Presence in Turkish Airports

Balgeria’s A.B. V party deputy has revealed Mossad Director’s visit with Turkish top official and the following dramatic increase of Mossad experts in Turkey’s airports.

Press TV: Johnson, Dulles, Mossad plotted Kennedy murder

The JFK assassination holds fewer mysteries than it used to, thanks to the work of thousands of public-spirited researchers.

Press TV: 9/11 investigation will expose CIA, Mossad role

"Brennan clearly doesn’t want to take a chance that this is all going to blow up in his face."

Exclusive: Israel’s Backlash Against Brussels Whistleblower Confirms Mossad Role

Last week when VT published information gotten during the interrogation of a Turkish intelligence agent, Sawash Yeldiz, captured by Popular Party of Kurdistan (PPK) militia inside Syria, information tying Turkish President Erdogan to the Brussels terror attacks, we saw how real leaks are dealt with.

Mossad’s Hidden Hands in Azerbaijan and North Caucasus

An Azerbaijani news website revealed that Eldar Mahmoudov, the former head of Azerbaijan's ministry of national security has supported Wahhabi movements an formed the extremist group Sukma, as ordered by Mossad.

The Last Option: Who Can Use Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Sajjad Shaukat - Despite having collective aims, some countries are playing a double game against one another.