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VT Nuclear Education: The Secret of America’s Doomsday Nuclear Waste

October 26, 2015 YouTube frame capture (all photos suppressed) By Jeff Smith, Science Editor, Nuclear physicist and IAEA inspector The recent fires at nuclear waste facilities have been...

VT Nuclear Education: Notes on Journalism and a Q Classified Excerpt...

Editor's Note:  VT editor Jeff Smith, at Ground Zero on 9/12/2001 investigating the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center, as a team leader...

VT Nuclear Education: A Balanced Nuclear Arsenal (from the DOE 9/11...

  By VT Sources Low Yield Weapons This represents one extreme of the weapon design spectrum – nuclear devices intend to make “small” explosions. Low yield in...

VT Nuclear Education: Stage one of the US/DOE 9/11 investigation (classified/partially...

...by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor,  and the Members of the Department of Energy 9/11 Investigation Team (2014) "Everything we are told about nuclear weapons, who makes...

VT Nuclear Education: The Nazi-Israeli Nuclear Partnership

  by Gordon Duff with Jeff Smith April 15, 2015 The interview below discusses recent revelations from the German press tying that nation to the covert funding...

NEO/Censored: Has the US Nuked Syria? (2014)

…  by  Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow  –  First published  …  October 28, 2014  – A massive explosion outside Kobani, the Syrian/Kurdish...

VT Nuclear Education: Laser and Nuclear Weapon Calculator

Enter the appropriate Weapon yield and shape for your weapon, fill in the Armor parameters, then simulate the explosion.

VT Science: UFT, Apollo and Keshe

VT personnel are active in working with the Keshe Foundation on the delivery of several unique technologies related to not just energy production and medical care but touch on basic physics and space flight as well.

The 9-11 Bottom Line: An Open Letter to All Researchers

Recently, some 9-11 researchers have questioned VT's work on the subject, therefore I felt a retort was apropos

Google Censored: The German-French Consummate Proofs of Nuclear 9/11

Architects and engineers say planes don't knock down skyscrapers.  Nuclear physicists say only atomic bombs can turn out this kind of heat and damage.

VT Science and Magic: The Impossible Moon Landings, Unified Field Theory...

Note: The notes here are in response to observations tied to Keshe related projects.  VT personnel are active in working with the Keshe Foundation...

Nuclear History: Stopping Denied Nuclear Attacks, How to Fight Back...

Every nation needs to distribute smart phone software for radiation detection, soil sample kits and teams to verify video evidence and interview witnesses and victims of potential WMD attacks.

Nuclear History: IAEA Confirms Israel’s Continual Use of Nukes Against Syria...

by Ian Greenhalgh and Jeff Smith (former IAEA nuclear inspector) Late on Saturday night, 28th April, a series of airstrikes hit Syria, local time was...

NEO: Nuclear 9/11 can no longer be ignored, It is killing...

Jim W. Dean - A fitting tribute to the 9-11 victims would be to publicly spotlight all those involved in the 911 coverup and demand a real investigation.

How Israel’s Desire For Nuclear Weapons Destroyed the USA

Iran has made it clear, Trump isn't in charge and doesn't really care who knows it.  His hollow threats, always ready to nuke somebody or save us all from madman Bolton

Nuclear 9/11: A Truth Creeps Out, Perhaps Not “the Truth”

The FBI agent that oversaw the arrest of dozens of Israeli agents, who had been placed on forced leave after a failed attempt to assassinate him, sent us some files.

VT Science: Was the Universe Solved and Super-Classified?

VT Challenges Reality. We publish secrets of a century; secrets like this one. And everything should change. But it doesn't!

VT Nuclear Education: Uranium Hydride and State Sponsored Terrorism

by Ian Greenhalgh with Jeff Smith Originally published September 4, 2015 Introduction by the Senior Editor The article below is four years old.  It is one of...

Censored VT Restored: Too Classified to Publish — Russia Opens Files on...

This report below is taken from an intelligence dump by Russian sources. As the origin is from an intelligence agency in the form of a “leak,” there are always questions. Thus far, we have found that not only is the majority of the material confirmed, but several solutions to serious problems involving 9/11 are included.

NEO: Yemen, Practical Nuclear Survival

Editor's note:  The video above is vital.  It is a screen video of a VT nuclear weapons video taken down by YouTube at the...

VT Nuclear Education: Detonations and Deceit

The Iron Fist of Tactical Nukes, Hidden in the Velvet Glove of Stories about Fuel-Air Bombs, Moabs and Bunker Busters By George Paxinos submitted by...

Erasing 9/11 Truth: VT Restores One Key Evidentiary Piece

9/11 Hokum: Deconstructing Christopher Bollyn and Steve Jones

Gravity with Keshe, Tesla and Jeff Smith

Gravity is a simple difference in voltage between two objects of mass that is always attractive.

Saudi Arabia Says It Went Nuclear in 2014 and America Knows...

Our records show Saudi Arabia buying nukes from China and Pakistan

The Wizard War Against Humanity, the Threat of Hidden Science

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow Were universities, think tanks and the mainstream media to be believed, science halted all advances in 1970....

Why is Israel Controlling 9/11 “Troof?”

A certain narrative discloses a world where nuclear weapons were used covertly and often, where nuclear material was sold on the world market and where nations not known to possess nukes really had them.

VT Proving Again that Nuclear Weapons Are Your Friend

We are now at the fifth generation of nuclear weapons design which means that a number of different types of nuclear weapons exist and they differ substantially in effect from the weapons we are familiar with from all those 1950s newsreels of huge atomic blasts.

Israel Strikes Syria with Tactical Nuke

An explosion on the earth's surface, in order to cause tremors between 2 and 3 on the Richter scale, would be between 1.5 and 3 kilotonnes TNT equivalency. Clearly this was a tactical nuclear weapon and the arms depot story is the usual cover automatically issued when there is a suspiciously big bang.

VT Physics: Electromagnetism Reconsidered

By Jeff Smith, Editor According to Ed Leedskalnin of Coral Castile Fame. "When a man discovers how to use positive electricity correctly mankind will change...

Video Case for War with Israel Over 9/11

Smith was one of the investigators that was in New York looking into Saudi Arabian and Israeli efforts to trade in weapons grade plutonium stolen from the Pantex facility in Amarillo, Texas, done with the help of US officials.

VT Was Right, Nuke Cloud Over Europe Tied to Illegal Ukraine...

March 25, 2017, nuclear detonation at Ukraine arms depot (time mark 2:00 onward) Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor The Sputnik News story, censored in the...

Doctor Strangelove Returns or How I learned to live with the...

In recent years, the DPRK has made great leaps and bounds in both it's missile and nuclear technologies, so great has been the advance in so short a period of time that it is pretty obvious that they have been given a great deal of assistance, both financial and technical.

Grenfell Tower Investigation Hires Experts who proved that (1,113) 9/11 victims...

Why would the Grenfell Tower investigation want the services of "experts" who failed so miserably? Maybe because they can be relied on to toe the official line and keep their mouths shut?

Trump Uses Nukes: VT Teams Rush to Site of Nuclear Bunker...

Trump's first use of nuclear weapons, soon to be unleashed on Syria Arab Army, according to NSC sources: For those within 15 miles of the...

Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine

There was a spectacular series of explosions at an ammunition dump in the Ukrainian city of Balakleya, in territory held by the Kiev government.

Wikileaks Suppressed, Mossad ran 9/11 Arab “hijacker” Terrorist Operation

Gordon Duff - While Julian Assange insists all investigations into 9/11 and Israel are "a waste of time," we find the "keys to the kingdom," particularly when added to VT's own work, in, of all places, WikiLeaks own files.

Clinton Bastin: Nuclear Weapon Iran a Falsehood

Neither Clinton Bastin nor VT were ever challenged by anyone with standing on any aspect that we have published on the Iran nuclear weapons hoax. Government people knew we would just offer them a two-hour debate, which to date, they have never wanted to do.

9/11: Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes

For the first time in nearly a year, a 9/11 investigator has revealed highly classified information on the real events of 9/11, not a terror attack, but rather a nuclear attack on the United States, not a surprise at all..

How Israel Was Busted Nuking Yemen

Israel dropped a neutron bomb on Yemen on behalf of their Saudi allies

US Used Small Nuclear Weapons in Iraq

The use of depleted uranium has had immense implications for the health and lives of both veterans and civilians. Hundreds of thousands have died, untold numbers born with birth defects, the true human toll is both deeply shocking and infuriating.