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HBO’s “The Plot Against America”

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was bad enough, but it had nowhere near the psychological effect on public opinion that its daughter revolutions—the short-lived soviet republics of Bavaria and Hungary—had on the populations of eastern Europe.

The Referenda In Ukraine: A Historical Context

The Ukrainian War of Independence was a series of conflicts involving many adversaries that lasted from 1917 to 1921 and resulted in the establishment and development of a Ukrainian republic, most of which was later absorbed into the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of 1922–1991.

Sixteen Pillars of American “Democracy”

Why do we tolerate such a corrupt, undemocratic, exploitive, elite-dominated system? . . . Isn't it obvious that we need an alternative economic system...

Can Britain Break From Feudalism or Will King Charles’ Great Reset Go Unchallenged?

VT Writer Matthew Ehret explores the Monarchy and its institution of hereditary powers which King Charles III has inherited; just a ceremonial gig or does he actually have real powers?

Who Killed Daria Dugina?

The American Conservative was explicitly created by Pat Buchanan and Taki as a nationalist foil to neoconservatism, but it too had been co-opted and was now being run by the opportunist Rod Dreher, whose main job was to insure that conservatism of whatever stripe didn’t threaten Jewish interests.

On Myth: Nazis and Nationalism

Ukraine, Nazi's, Globalism, America....WTF!

Jack Heart: Chaioth ha-Qadosh, Tookie Memorial II

The bacteria did its work well, and it wasn’t long before it afflicted an entire world with its chronic and debilitating malaise called Transhumanism.

How to Save a Dying Republic Part 2: Introducing the Real Alexander Hamilton

In the last installment, I introduced the false solutions being fed to society with the Great Green Reset agenda which aims at creating a...

The Uvalde School Massacre as Diversion

America has a mass intelligence apparatus with a well-documented history of running utterly amoral psychological operations against their own population.

Secret Disclosure from Dr. Preston James

Defense secrets tend to be three tiered. The 3rd and lowest level is technology that is written about/disclosed in the defense industry journals and websites.

The Khazarian Mafia and the Building of Ukraine: We Were Warned 70 Years...

Despite flaws, a top rated exposé of America's fake history, presented by what we now know to be America's military intelligence establishment, as part of their first salvo against the Deep State.

Ukraine War Day 28

SV Pressa: Since the formation of the “cauldron”, the size of the Mariupol grouping of the [Banderas] has been reduced by about half, but the resistance is still strong. Half of the city cleared. There is evidence that [Kiev] requested a retreat from Donetsk to the Dzerzhinsk-Kramatorsk line in order not to be surrounded.

In Snub to Washington, UAE reaches out to Russia

Washington’s geopolitical cards are dwindling rapidly. The high-level UAE visit to Moscow this week has consolidated OPEC+ support for Russia in the energy war now raging between east and west.

America’s Plan for War Based on Mind Control Technology

As written in the Warfighting 2040 Paper, the nature of warfare has changed. The majority of current conflicts remain below the threshold of the traditionally accepted definition of warfare, but new forms of warfare have emerged such as Cognitive Warfare (CW), while the human mind is now being considered as a new domain of war.

Blockbuster: Vatican Finds US, Ukraine at Fault in Searing Declaration (vital)

If we look at what is happening in Ukraine, without being misled by the gross falsifications of the mainstream media, we realize that respect for each other’s rights has been completely ignored; indeed, we have the impression that the Biden Administration, NATO and the European Union deliberately want to maintain a situation of obvious imbalance, precisely to make impossible any attempt at a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis.

Ilan Pappé on the Lessons from Ukraine

USA Today reported that a photo that went viral about a high-rise in Ukraine being hit by Russian bombing turned out to be a high-rise from the Gaza Strip, demolished by the Israeli Air Force in May 2021.

Full Text of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Briefing

In depth briefing by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on March 3, 2022.

Biblical Simplicity

Let’s try to image how a true humanist should relate to what is happening in the world today.

Is Trump Campaign Funded by Subversive Anti-China Group?

A clandestine organization of Chinese dissidents based in the US enjoyed, until the November 2020 presidential election, the protection of the US security establishment, and was used to mount psychological warfare against the Chinese government.

‘They used axes to spare the ammo’: How modern Ukraine’s Nazi heroes massacred civilians...

Tens of thousands innocent Poles were massacred in Volyn. To this day, the torturers are still not condemned.

Black Sun Rising VI – The Black Madonna and the Swastika (updated)

They tell us that two thousand years ago the Roman Empire sent twenty thousand men, three legions, into the forbidding swamps of Germania’s Teutoburg Forest. The legions, as of yet invincible, were elements of the most powerful military force the world would see till the rise of the British Empire. They were there to fight a punitive action against the Germanic tribes who were reticent about joining Rome’s empire.

NASA, Religion and ETs

Right on cue, NASA has announced it is looking to established theologians to discuss the impact of ET Disclosure on humanity. 

Messengers of Deception:  Vallee; Upton; and the VERY Deep State

In the year 2021, in the United States, amid the shock of Covid-19, a new religion was “officially” announced by powerful elements of the ruling elite: the religion of UFO Worship.

Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, the Anti Christ and Armageddon (Part 6)

A 305-foot tall statue of the Goddess stands at the mouth of the Hudson River, broken chains at her feet. There is a mysterious handprint on The Declaration of Independence just like the one on the Petroglyph depicting the birth of the crab nebula in Chaco Canyon.

Very soon the Gates to a New Dimension will Open

We are in a space that was opened up by our practice of word association. ... the politics of reality.

The Road to Fascism: Paved with Vaccine Mandates and Corporate Collusion

The heavy-handed collusion between the Techno-Corporate State and the U.S. government over vaccine mandates is merely the latest manifestation of the extent to which fascist forces are working to overthrow our constitutional republic and nullify the rights of the individual.

How To Spot A False Flag Event

The Bush administration used 9/11 to usher in the War on Terror, which has served as a lynchpin for countless civil liberty infringements by the national security state, including ubiquitous domestic surveillance and indefinite detention.

Pakistan’s Policy of Appeasement

Asif Haroon Raja Given the fascist and anti-Muslim agenda of the BJP, a political baby of the RSS, the founding fathers of which had adopted...

The Corona Pandemic and the Cunning of Reason

The wicked oligarchs who orchestrated the crash which the coronavirus conveniently disguised were rewarded with the money they sought so avidly, only to pass, sooner or later, from the scene leaving only wreckage behind. But the course of Logos in human history cannot be thwarted by the designs of the wicked.

9/11 Two Decades Later

“He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” -Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity, FBI

Speculative: Anthony William’s Health Revolution and Alternative Medicine

Editor's note:  VT has spent time and effort investigating all forms of alternative medicine.  With the vast failures in healthcare delivery in the US...

Were ETs involved in 911 ?

Were the Twin Trade Towers turned to dust by super high-tech Alien ET technology?

The Second Hijacking of America

In 1913 America was hijacked by the City of London Banksters. Now Ametrica is being hijacked a second time by Alien ETs.

The USA’s iniquities & failures

Pakistan was touted as the most allied ally of the US, but it was the most sanctioned country.

NWO against young men (and what can be done)

I never imagined the Communist central banking cartel is destabilizing society by trashing heterosexual roles.

NEO: Time to Plan for a World with No ‘United States’

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, a Journal Published by the Russian Academy of Science since 1816 A game is afoot. Laws are being...

Wahhabism, Freemasonry and the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey’s Eurasianist Movement

If I could have written this I might have made the title, "Why I think Erdogan is a snake."

A Defense of Hitler as a Heroic War Veteran?

Editor’s note:  VT was dared to print this.  We shy away from nothing, America has already given up too many rights, rights we have...

His Name is Ali Akbar Rafipour, the Most Famous Man You Never Heard Of...

When Moses returned from the mount, he found the Children of Israel had turned to the ancient gods, the ones who gave them what...

More Disclosure: Suppressed history, A banned classic with new introduction

Some, perhaps even much, of what is here is of value, even extreme or critical value. With so much history faked, suppressed, "bunked and debunked" to where it is unrecognizable, those who wish to understand themselves have been exploited and misused.