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Marine Le Pen: It’s time to confront Donald Trump on Syria

Trump obviously had to suspend history, pick up the Neoconservative ideology, and bludgeon America once more in Syria.

Make America Neocon Again

No one defuses WMD with explosives, bombs or cruise missiles. It is simply unheard of!

Israel Wants World War III—Now

If you haven’t realized that the Israeli regime and its puppets in the United States want to start World War III, then you need to wake up from your dogmatic slumber.

Psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu: Assad used chemical weapons on Syrian children–again!

There are some ideas that are so dumb and crazy that only a psychopath will believe them.

New York Times: Israel “is provoking the next war”

Israel is the provocateur par excellence in the Middle East, and they have countless agents and think tanks in much of the West.

How America Betrayed its Sunni Allies in Middle East?

The proximate cause behind the rise of the Islamic State, al Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and numerous other Sunni jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq has been the Obama Administration’s policy of intervention through proxies in Syria.

Curbing the Israeli settlements is a moral imperative

For his own good, Trump needs to flesh out a rigorous and solid foreign policy. If he fails to do that, you can be sure that his so-called “America First” is also going to fail.

Lavrov: New World Order Domination Is at Its Twilight

Lavrov: “Ironically, the American elite, which emerged as freedom fighters and separatists anxious to cast off the yoke of the British crown, had transformed itself and its state by the 20th century into a power thirsting for global imperialist domination

Lavrov: No force on earth can compete with NATO and US’...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has recently grabbed the New World Order establishment by the horn and cut them to pieces with a chainsaw.

Donald Trump, NATO, and the Deep State

Why haven't Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones told their staunch listeners the truth, saying things like the West needs to put Netanyahu on the same moral platform?

Haaretz: Putin says Israel’s freedom to attack Assad is over

Obviously Putin doesn’t want to get into a military conflict with the Israeli regime, since he perceives that it would lead to World War III. But the war in Syria clearly shows that Russia and the Israeli regime are operating on a different political platform.

Will Amal Clooney attack the Israeli elephant in the room?

Doesn’t Clooney know that Israel has been caught numerous times supporting ISIS? Doesn’t she know that Israeli officials such as Efraim Halevy have admitted that they have supported al-Nusra, a violent terrorist group?

Newsweek: Vladimir Putin Challenges the Deep State

Putin is basically saying that if no one challenges the New World Order ideology, then the West is in real trouble.

Russia to Israel: Why the recent strike in Syria?

We know that the Israeli regime is playing an essentially diabolical game in Syria. They want to create World War III.

Iran’s Jewish Parliamentarian: Benjamin Netanyahu is an “Insane Vampire”

Jewish member of Iran’s parliament: "Netanyahu is an insane vampire drowned in crimes from head to toe, and the recent remarks made by the racist Israeli prime minister is not surprising to me.”

Vladimir Putin to Benjamin Netanyahu: Stop Abusing History

Netanyahu obviously was waiting for Putin to applaud him for his claim, but Putin knew that Netanyahu was manipulating history and conforming it to his own Talmudic weltanschauung.

Time for Vladimir Putin to tell Benjamin Netanyahu to shape up...

Putin must complete the job: he must tell “King Bibi” to abide by moral principles. He must tell “King Bibi” that the age of carrots is over and the age of sticks is here.

New World Order agents seeks to start a war with Iran

New World Order agents "are championing a liberation doctrine that allows them to present bombing and invading other countries at will as an act of supreme moral virtue."

Is Trump making Israel great again?

This “America First” principle just doesn’t make sense precisely because the Israeli regime is always looking for monsters to destroy in the Middle East. If none exists, then they invent them.

Russia calls for elimination of New World Order

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, we are told that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov “called Saturday for an end to a world order dominated by the West and said Moscow wanted to establish a ‘pragmatic’ relationship with the United States.”

Lindsey Graham: America needs to “kick Russia in the ass”

Lindsey Graham: “My goal is to put it on Trump's desk and I hope he'll embrace the idea that as the leader of the free world he should be working with us to punish Russia.”

Western Leaders Can Stop the Khazarian Mafia in the Middle East

The Israeli regime has been pushing the United States to the edge of perpetual wars in the Middle East for quite a long time now.

UN and EU: Israel needs to stop stealing Palestinian lands

“The EU urges the Israeli leadership to refrain from implementing the law and to avoid measures that further raise tensions and endanger the prospects for a peaceful solution to the conflict.”

Basketball player Timofey Mozgov takes a shot at the Neocons, John...

Neocon psychopaths continue to marshal perverse arguments against a nation that has been obliterating terrorist cells such as ISIS in places like Syria. But Mozgov ain't buying it.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: Messianic politics fails miserably in the...

Sergey Lavrov has recently produced a devastating blow on the New World Order ideology.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes: US indirectly worked with...

Jonas Alexis - Ben Rhodes has unintentionally dropped the political bomb by saying indirectly that the Syrian rebels indeed had contacts with Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra.

Obama: Dear America, I did not bomb seven countries in six...

One must say that Obama wanted to make people laugh during his last day when he gave one reason as to why the United States must continue to put Russia on a diet.

Khazarian Mafia Bastardize Civilians in Middle East

In 2015, Brown University reported that 200,000 civilians lost their precious lives in Iraq. Last year, 1,500 children lost their lives within six months alone in Afghanistan

No US Aircraft Carriers Now Deployed; None Expected in Middle East...

For a rare couple of months, there will be no US Navy aircraft carrier in the Middle East.

Professor Stephen Cohen: Vladimir Putin is potentially America’s most valuable national...

Obama has less than a month in the White House. Perhaps he needs to wake up when it comes to Russia.

Washington Post: Inequality is a central factor of Middle East terrorism!

Sometimes you just have to shake your head in disbelief when you read what is passing for scholarship and genuine reporting today.

The Order of Things—A Dialogue on Modernity and Michel Foucault (Part...

"For all denunciation implies a moral doctrine of some kind."

Vladimir Putin morally and intellectually humiliates Satanist Masha Gessen again

Jewish writer Masha Gessen wants to be a Tasmanian devil when it comes to attacking Vladimir Putin.

Washington Post: Russia Rises, New World Order Falls

Russia is moving forward and there is not a damn thing the US can do about that.

Cornel West to Netanyahu and Obama: put your orange suits on,...

Cornel West: "Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal, not because he’s Jewish, but because he has chosen to promote occupation and annihilation.”

Our Divine Connection

Free will is the power of choosing the positive or the negative – good or evil.

John Boehner: Ted Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh” and a...

If Americans are really concerned about preserving what the Founding Fathers envisioned, then they need to hound the Neocons publicly. We need to start with traitors like Cruz.

Fareed Zakaria: Saudi Arabia Is “The Devil We Know”

One needn’t be an expert to realize that the Neoconservatives and Israel have been supporting Saudi Arabia for years.

ISIS swarms Europe: Who’s REALLY behind clash of civilizations?

The neoconservatives actually want this kind of terrorism in order to keep the population rushing to the government for protection.

Gwyneth Todd Against the New World Order—A Dialogue (Part I)

Gwenyth Todd: "Why does the US keep up this outlandishly stupid effort to restore a US puppet regime in Iran? Quite simply because of the influence of pro-Zionist lobbies like AIPAC on the US system."